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Racing Pigeons by Guy Barrett OBE.Bob Rowland.
Liam O Comain.Racing Sheet, Training Card, Pairing Card.
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Joe Murphy Article November 2022
by Joe Murphy
26 Nov
Margaret and I travelled through to Newmains in Lanarkshire for the sale of Billy Bilsland’s pigeons. There was a good turnout of fanciers, with many coming from a good distance. Even as far as Liverpool and a fancier who obviously lives in the UK but has a loft in China. The pigeons were in excellent condition and to be honest sold themselves, as they were bred from the Scottish National winners or were grandchildren from them. David McCaig did a wonderful job as Auctioneer with fellow f...
Joe Murphy September 2022 Article
by Joe Murphy
02 Oct
Fairways Lofts
by Steve Burton
16 Sep
Joe Murphy Article
by Joe Murphy
03 Jun
Two of the Greatest Pigeons to race in the SNFC ‘Fortune Lady’ & ‘Kingdom Spirit’ I have been working on accumulating details on two of the Greatest Pigeons ever to race into Scotland. I know this is a strong statement to make but I hope when you have read this article you will agree with me that these 2 birds are truly exceptional. The first Scottish National Flying Club race was flown in 1894 and throughout this historical time there have been some truly outstanding pigeons that hav...
7 of the Best Part 3 by Joe Murphy
by Joe Murphy
10 Mar
Joe Murphy’s Seven of the Best -Part 3 George Rankin & son Gareth’s Old Grizzle Hen I had hoped that this story could have been covered in three parts, however the more I worked on it and the more information I detected, it was obvious this could not be done. Hence part three, is dedicated exclusively to the Old Grizzle Hen SU83 L 11945 raced by George and Gareth Rankin of Blantyre in Lanarkshire, as I feel she is worth the space in the press. I want fanciers to enjoy reading about t...
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by sapper756
21 Feb
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