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The Super Bugs are Here...
Author: Bob RowlandTitle: The Super Bugs are Here
Date: 2002-09-08 21:12:48Uploaded by: webmaster
For years we have been warned about the inappropriate use of antibiotics and the Preventative Medicine Plans so that in theory we do not have problems. Well, the time has come that we have exhausted many of our cures for problems because of the inappropriate use of various drugs.

At the time I am writing this article, a blind study is underway by myself and another notable pigeon person by the name of Phil Bomhoff. Because Phil is good with the microscope, I selected him to do the scope work so that no one could argue with the results of this study.

Phil is very good at identifying the problems and has been able to make suggestions to his clients that bring their droppings and birds around for analysis. However, recently, the problem of trichimonis is showing that they have evolved into a strain of super bugs. The normal products such as ridzol, flagyl, and emtryl are showing little or no effect against the tricho.

The study that we are doing is with new solutions which are mainly medicinal plant products. These products are having a positive effect in the fight against the tricho. In addition, there are additional effects of these various medicinal plants in that many of these render several different chemicals which are effective also against other problems.

When we treat with pharmaceutical chemicals, in most cases it is only one specific chemical that this particular drug is comprised of. This means that to treat for more than one type of problem, then additional chemicals must be added to the mix. What this means is that we are now attempting to deal with the immunology of the problem but we have not even taken into consideration about what the toxicology of these same products are. In many cases, an overdose can create severe problems that may never be corrected regardless of the time.

Many people have used emtryl as a treatment against tricho but should you mix the solution too strong, the birds have an imbalance of their neuro system. Just by overdosing one day, the birds could be spinning and falling down in the loft and show systems of PMV. However, they could be free of any PMV but the neuro problems attack the system of the pigeons and permanent neuro and liver damage could be the result.

In a recent study from the University of Washington, the use of medicinal plant products have shown that they can kill the cancer cell in breast cancer in an extremely short period of time. This article also showed that the same MEDICINAL PLANT PRODUCT is also effective against malaria as it works within the red blood cells. Does this begin to sound like something that could be highly effective against many of our personal health problems as well as the pigeons' problems? This formula for the plant product, as stated in the article, goes back to 168 BC.

Just to get back to the term medicinal plant products, (MOST TRY TO REFER TO IT AS HERBS) but Medicinal Plants is a much more appropriate name. I like to think of herbs as something I use when cooking but medicinal plants are what we use to cure health problems. We have all heard of Aloe for sunburn relief and cuts and abrasions, etc..... so why is it we have a hard time thinking we need a man made chemical to fight many of our battles?? The only reason is a lack of knowledge about these or the fact that the profit margins may not be so large on plant cures.

Research for chemical cures requires big money which comes from the sale of these pills. An example of this is the $5 selling price for each Cipro tablet until the ANTHRAX SCARE came about. Then the price went quickly to $.98 each and this still was a big money maker.

As we delve a little deeper into the characteristics of medicinal plants, we find out that they generally are comprised of many different chemicals. This is quite different from a specific man made drug which has only one chemical that is supposedly effective for certain bacteria or protozoa. Again, the more chemicals we have to use that are not a natural plant product, the greater the risk of creating toxic problems. In addition, many of the medicinal plant products have effects against multiple problems.

A friend of mine likes to make fun of a term on a particular product because it states that this product is CERTIFIED ORGANIC. This person has made great fun out of this term but what it really means is that the product was grown without the use of man made chemicals. After all, if we are going to use medicinal plant products as cures for certain problems, then why would we want some plant that was not strong enough to grow without the aid of certain man made chemicals to keep it free of parasites??

I can personally tell you about my experiences with these medicinal plant products! About 1 1/2 years ago I was down to 128 pounds in my body weight and continuing to lose daily. I was passing out from a lack of oxygen and virtually shrinking away to nothing. All my doctors could do was tell me that I was getting older and had a chronic respiratory problem that would not get better. There main solution for me was the use of steroids. I had been that route before to the tune of 3 compression fractures in my spine due to the steroids robbing the calcium from my system. I was also losing eye sight at a rapid pace of degeneration but this was their course of treatment for me. Perhaps if I would have had a better insurance policy, more tests may have been run and more drugs prescribed.

After all of this in my life, I was very willing to accept that I was fairly close to the end of my time when a person came into my life and introduced me to certain MEDICINAL PLANTS. These along with some MAN MADE ANTIBIOTICS began to make a change in my life. I regained my weight and stopped passing out and finding myself on the floor. Need I say anymore about how I feel about MEDICINAL PLANTS??????

In conclusion, there are sources of health care that is not toxic to our self or our pigeons and if we would use these natural products almost like a daily part of our or their diet, the natural system and the immune system will become part of a positive effect. If we use certain harsh chemicals, we put the immune system into a declining state. Once the immune system becomes defeated through toxic drugs, it may never come back to be the way to excellent health.

More will be added as the results of more studies come about. The positive effects of the medicinal plants give us alternatives for a healthy and very tolerable plan for the best possible health.

Hope this helps someone.

Bob Rowland

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