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Jan & Kathy Lotterman...
Author: Andrew HitchcockTitle: Jan & Kathy Lotterman
Date: 2004-10-07 22:50:13Uploaded by: andrew
Jan Lotterman, Nieuw Amsterdam, the Netherlands. "Working on the road is not only my job, it is also my hobby"

A funny face, but in the course of this story some things will get clearer. Jan Lotterman is a 42-year-old businessman from Nieuw Amsterdam. Who at the moment is a co-owner of a construction company. At the age of nine, he started with homing pigeons. Years later, success came. In the year 1987 the first and till now the greatest success was made. And well the first national Orleans young pigeons. A year later a top ten position was made again.

In the descendants of these top pigeons, we found the name Koopman and son. In his obsession to still find a better pigeon for the loft, he kept comming at Koopman's. Since 1993, new pigeons where added to the Nieuw Amsterdams top loft. For a small fortune, young pigeons where bought from all the top pigeons.

At the moment, Jan Lotterman has 25 firsthand Koopman pigeons. One of them is a daughter of the world famous "Kleine Dirk", a fantastic bird. It is really special to have such young bird on the loft, simple because they are hard to get. We also see a son of "Branco", a pigeon with special breeding capacities. From the daughter from "the Zwollenaar" are already some special decedents. Once of them being the Hormburg 1, who on the flight from Homburg in 2001 just missed first place, and had to do with silver. Almost each year, Jan Lotterman's can be found on the Dutch teletext and this is almost a unique thing. Because for most of the pigeon people, it will only stay a dream. To thank he stands in the footsteps of C. and G. Koopman.

Daughter Kathy, The best reference is that of his daughter Kathy Lotterman. Who as a youth member is in the same crises at the 9th general old and young where. A great performance. All of this is achieved with first class pigeons, pigeons that have found their homes at Jan Lotterman's cots.

Still, Jan Lotterman keeps searching for better pigeons. Which means that a new young of "Kleine Dirk" will be found in his breeding cot. Jan is not only searching for better pigeons in the Netherlands, or as you wish, he is working on the road. Recently two offspring of "the Replay", the most expensive pigeons from Peter Veenstra's sell, have found their way to Nieuw Amsterdam. We will hear more about Jan Lotterman and his pigeons in the future. For success cannot be far away with these excellent pigeons.

The Pigeons Jan Lotterman got his first pigeons from a neighbour and already got youth champion and he got the taste of when he was 18 en never thought of stopping with what he was doing.

Lotterman flies more often into the view of pigeon loving Northeast Netherlands. With about 10 teletext notations; a first National Orleans; Championships with young and older pigeons but the fleet, but most of all the pigeon lovers. His pigeons also fly fast in Germany, which isn't unnoticed.

The kind was mainly made of the Janssen and Loon kind from Reuvers from Nieuw Amsterdam. He always kept the best, which was also the case with 1e National Orleans.

His selection is very strict. The pigeons have to earn their place in the cot. And they have to keep defend their place with the last feather they got. Jan likes to see motivated pigeons and he makes sure that motivation gets higher after the winter brake and stays that high threw out the hold flight season.

The Koopmannen kind: In 1984, Jan Lotterman got his first pigeon from Koopman and he still gets his pigeons there till this day. There are taken a few super birds from the top lines of the grandmaster C & G Koopman from Emerveen. Even a daughter from 'Kleine Dirk' found her home by Jan Lotterman. But also children and grandchildren from 'Ons Louis'; grandchildren from 'Beatrixdoffer'; sun from Branco; children from 'Rosco'; 'Miss Emerveen' and also a grandchild of 'Golden Lady' who is the daughter of 'The Kanibaal'.

Bertus Camphuis Jan got some pigeons fro Bertus Camphuis in 2001, to make even more progress. A lot of pigeon lovers have to wait a long to have success with newly gathered pigeons. Jan Lotterman is laughing at them, he crossed these pigeons with his Koopmann's and his road was already going toward success. You only have to looks back at the last young pigeon flight from Morlincourt, where probably, his first three pigeons will be with the first 15 and who are all crossings from Koopman- and Camphuispigeons. By the way, his first pigeons were playing in the sixth National en this is of the 10th concour's department.

A great one is the 082, who this year as a young pigeons already showed what he can do: a 65th place against 4453 pigeons, second place against 4390 pigeon, a 52th place against 3246 pigeons, and a 118th place against 3495 pigeons. His father is a half-brother of the second aspigeon of Germany, from Gunter Prange from Meppen (G), a young from 'the Kannibaal' from Dirk van Dyck, while the mother, who is from straight come by of Camphuis, with all the knowledgeable lines who made all of Berts's successes happen. Like the 'wonderboy 05', 'Annie', 'Vale Bertanus' and more. 'Red Power', a pure Koopman, who made it in the 'PV Volspanning' to first young pigeon Champion and flew 6 out off 6, full tray.

Jan has tried to specialise on the one-day fond flights the last years, and not all without success. In 2002, Father and daughter Lotterman where able to classify ten times out of 100 for the National NPO division with the old pigeons like: Sourdun; 9064 pigeon, 23th, 27th, 43th 135th, and so on. Etampes; 6162 pigeons, 46th, 60th, 83th, 113th and so on, Orleans: 5962 pigeons, 12th, 13th, 161th and so on. La Ferte Bernard; 6023 pigeons, 15th, 56th and so on. Even with his young bird he was in the right spot a few times, Houdeng: 22077 pigeons, 16th, 17th, while Morlincourt was a total success with likely 3 pigeons in the top 15, and some nice series beside that. The results are just not written out at the moment.

Tribal tree Super basis The distinguished marks of a present champion is that he keeps searching for pigeons with an over value, to more to an even higher level. His eye fell on another grand master in the pigeon sports. Gunter Pranger from Germany, with his famous 'Kanibaal pigeons' van Dirk van Dijk from Belgium. From the sun 'Kanibaal', from a sister 'Kanibaal' and from a brother of the 'Kanibaal' are these first prize pigeons at Jan Lotterman's cots. There are also pigeons from a brother of 'Rambo' and from a sister of 'rambo'

The Kanibaal was the first national Asduif KBDB Oude Halve Fond and was the Rambo again the father of 'De Kannibaal'. This line brings forth the perhaps most well-known pigeon: 'De Kleine Dirk' from C & G Koopman from Emmerveen.

Jan Lotterman bought from the Koopmannen a straight daughter from 'Kleine Dirk' to finish all of it. A straight come of son from the 'Kleine Dirk' will arrive to strengthen the cot even further, so it will be possible to breed from the crème de la crème.

Kathy Lotterman Already as a child she was between the pigeons and she often helped father Jan Lotterman with the pigeons. It started with two pigeons. Now she has about twelve couples, her own old pigeons and about thirty young ones. Some of them are so tame that she has to look out where to put her feet to no accidentally step on one.

It naturally is a great goal to fly even faster then your dad. And she succeeded with the second of the NPO flight Homburg from about 12.000 pigeons did she become first in area 7 from department 10. The day became even more successful when father Lotterman was flagged on teletekst.

The father of 'De Homburg' is from straight come by of Koopman, an inbreeded grandson from the inbreeded line from the Beatrixdoffer. Mother of the Homburg is a daughter of 'De Zwollenaar'

Young pigeons and the fond game are Kathy's favourites. To fly on Orleans is her dream. And who knows, her dad became first on Orleans ones, and became youth champions. It's a surprise to see which pigeons there will be in what flight season. She has plenty of promising birds, but the way about how she handles the pigeons is very promising that maybe one day her dream to play a first in Orleans will come true.

Daughter Kathy is a again a strong player in 2002. Very good series first prizes and of course a lot of championships which where won and all of this against the seniors of course. Only the championships from the Fondclub north Netherlands are knows at this time. These say the following: third pigeon champion one day fond, in area 2 with de '109' and this is a great score. On this part she was put in area two, second while dad Lotterman had to be satisfied with a sixth place. Further more, Kathy became second while she got another first champion. Jan became sixteenth here. In total of the fond club did she get seventh general champion. And that for a 13-year-old girl, try that. All of this only can keep going by flying the first class pigeons from dad. Some results from 2001: in the first class area of 'de Veenstreek' the third General old was won and over the hole season she became seventh General old and young. Daughter Kathy Lotterman became ninth General.

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