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The Denney Strain Of England...
Author: Liam O ComainTitle: The Denney Strain Of England
Date: 2005-04-22 19:52:21Uploaded by: webmaster
Brian DenneyIt is acknowledged worldwide that the route into the west European islands of Great Britain and Ireland is one of the toughest if not the toughest that the racing pigeon has to conquer. Against this background the strain being introduced on this occasion is that of Brian Denney of England. It is a strain that will lack the worldwide reputation of others in this series but nevertheless it possesses the attributes that define a strain, and a marathon strain at that, for to produce pigeons of the calibre of 'Tuff Nut' is proof enough. Of course this is not a one-bird outfit otherwise if it was it would disqualify itself from the series.

And who might you ask is 'Tuff Nut'? He is a beautiful dark cock that oozes class and the sense of rugged toughness. Amongst its accomplishments as a racer is the winning of 5th National in the English NFC race from Pau in 2002 at the phenomenal distance of 738 miles. Yes, that is marathon racing of the highest standard and quality. This great pigeon has also registered 6th Open Northern Classic from Saintes 573 miles as well as 1st NE 700 Mile Club.

Brian Denney had an interest in his teen years in pigeons but he did not enter the sport until about 1962. At the origins of his strain are the famous 'Lolita' bloodlines of Derek Smith. These were raced with success but he added to his family some Vanhee Stichelbauts in 1973, followed by De Baere bloodlines in approximately 1980/81. Since then there were two Stichelbauts cocks of the 'Dark Peron' bloodlines introduced.

Based upon these lines this master of the ultra distances armed with patience forged his strain in a non-complicated manner. Inspired by another great English fancier, Frank Cheetham, Denney was determined from the moment of his initiation into the sport that he would have birds to conquer the ultras and that's when he set his sights on winning the Pau National, which is still his ambition, and I would not argue against it being realised.

As for management, both cocks and hens are flown on Widowhood; the hens are paired in mid February and put on Widowhood after sitting 10 days on the second round of eggs. He uses the inland races as training tosses and with about three or four of the latter under their belts a short cross Channel race follows and then into by the big ones. The youngsters get no channel races but receive about four inland races and then are left to mature with plenty of protein in the mix. Again here is a master of the sport who recognizes the need of letting the young mature rather than send them out to their slaughter in their early days.

Other noted accomplishers of this strain are 'Classic Lad' and the 'Bordeaux Cock'. 'Classic Lad' won 1st Northern Classic Saintes 573 miles on the day (for 14 hours). The 'Bordeaux Cock' was 8th Section K Bordeaux 636 miles as well as 109th Open Pau plus 133rd Open Saintes and 85 Open Nantes. Some flying especially at marathon distance level.

The Denneys or as their creator calls them - the 'Bry-Dens' - are one of the great strains in modern day English racing and there is no doubt that they have added to the prestige of English racing. We shall definitely hear more from them.

Liam O Comain

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