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Bob's Feed...
Author: Bob RowlandTitle: Bob's Feed
Date: 2003-10-31 12:30:32Uploaded by: webmaster
Here is a picture of my race feed. I will bet this looks completely different from what most are feeding.

Bob's Feed

Dr Wim Peters wrote:
"Your feed looks very interesting. Looks a bit like the one Versele Laga mix. Does it contain any maize?"

Bob: "There is no maize in my feed but if I do feed any maize at a certain time, then I use popcorn which I buy for human consumption. I can readily get this very good grade of popcorn and for a few pennies difference, this is my choice."

Dr Wim Peters: "Up to what distance do you feed this?"

Bob: "My feed is generally used daily and for all distances as this feed is about 10% fat or more and for the longer distances I use omega 3 oils which are such as Flax seed oil, hemp oil, walnut oil, olive oil, rape seed oil, cod liver oil, and so forth. I DO NOT use oils such as corn oil, wheat germ oil, sunflower oil, safflower oil, etc.... These are high in saturated fats or better known as n-6's (Omega 6).

The adding of oils when I feel it necessary can boost my fat loading very high so the birds have plenty of energy to finish the race. Be cautious as to what oils you add as the wrong ones will put the immune system into TH-1 response which is a negative effect BUT the good oils actually put the immune system into TH-2 and this is the good response.

Be cautious as to how you add fats to your mix as if you have them too high for too long, it can put a stress on the liver but if you are racing or training hard, then the higher fat is a necessity for the birds to race well.

Rather than give you my formula, I will tell you to start analyzing each grain that you think you may want to use and then try to determine if that grain has high levels of saturated oils present in normal form. If so, odds are the feed will give you a negative immune system response so knowing this, those seeds should not be a big part of the pigeon's diet.

Now a final word about feed formulas: One must determine what they wish to accomplish and also what the pigeons have just been through. If they have had a hard race, then the body needs to be healed quickly and as much energy restored in as fast a time as possible, but..........

If the birds have been having an easy go at the races and have had ample time to sit around and repair any damage from racing and training, then be cautious as to how you feed. Overfeeding and undertraining can also give your pigeons a dietary problem which they must work through.

It is our responsibilities to pay attention to what the birds are telling us and then to work towards solving that problem.

THERE IS NO SET FORMULA THAT IF YOU FEED THIS ON THIS DAY THAT THE PIGEONS WILL WIN. You must learn how to read the signs and then learn when and with what to respond. YOU must become the pigeon racer and do your part to allow them to do their part.

Hope this helps someone:
Bob Rowland
SpringHill, FLorida

Coo time for a brew!...Where next?
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