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The Overwater Strain...
Author: Liam O ComainTitle: The Overwater Strain
Date: 2005-05-04 11:48:47Uploaded by: webmaster
The loft under consideration is that of A.P. Overwater, of Strijen, Holland, which is one of the best overnight long-distance families of the modern era. In fact one of the best long-distance fanciers over the last 10 years and it is no secret that the Dutch overnight long distance pigeons are accepted as being the best in the world.

Apparently good selection and specialisation are the key to the strain's success! Overwater built his strain with pigeons from two famous lofts- Peter vd Eijnden and Batenburg & Son. Both families were based upon the Jan Aarden strain. Peter vd Eijnden foundation pigeon was a son of the famous 131 of Jan de Weert. The Batenburg foundation pigeons, Witbuik and his son the Bonte Kweker, were Aarden/Bakker Barendregt blood. Upon the above stock Overwater formed a new type of long-distance pigeon and his own strain which was very successful at his own loft but also at the loft of many other fanciers.

The main foundations are as follows: Foundation Pigeon (A) De Dure, a full son of the famous Batenburg couple, Bonte Kweker van Batenburg x de Braakhuis duivin. De Dure is a full brother of the Super 05, the famous champion of Batenburg. Foundation Pigeon (B) De Perpignan 196 Duivin, a full daughter of the famous Batenburg Pigeons, Bonte Kweker x de Lourdes duivin. She was also a famous racer and won the 3rd International Pau Hens, 7th International Pau and 7th National Pau plus 21st National Perpignan. Foundation Pigeon (C) De 074, a full daughter of the Perpignan 196. Like her mother De 074 was a top racer. She won 5 times within the 1st 100 at National Overnight long- distance races. She is dam of a lot of very good pigeons, for example the famous racer Pietje Pau, a real star at the National Pau race (1020 Km). He won the 93rd National Pau 1998, a 84th National Pau 1999 and 99th National Pau 2000. Foundation Pigeon (D) De 010 which came via Peter vd Eijnden, inbred to the famous '131' of Jan de Weert, probably the best Aarden racing and breeding hen that ever lived! To take a season at random, say 2001: Marseille 944km National: 91; Perpignan 1020km National: 79, 97; Bergerac 820 km two arrivals in the middle of the night at 2.20 and 2.29am scoring at National level 28th and 29th against 12,870 pigeons.

As usual Barcelona is the top prize and the Overwaters showed their true colours at this marathon, especially in 1999 where, in the National there were 8,140 pigeons, the International 28,095 pigeons and in the International hens 6,419 pigeons. The distance was about 1170 km and the Overwaters scored with Fiamma- 19th National, 24th International, 9th International Hens; Loretta- 23rd National, 30th International, 12th International hens; Violento- 154th National, 261st International, 92th International hens; Marcia- 306th National, 517th International, 175th International hens; Diletto- 349th National, 586th International, 192nd International hens, etc. Within the context of international racing at the ultra distances, the Overwaters are still to the fore and A P is one of the new kids around the block so to speak and warrants a place in this series of brief insights into past and present masters of the art of pigeon breeding and racing.

Liam O Comain

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