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Health - Canker...
Author: Bob RowlandTitle: Health - Canker
Date: 2003-11-04 17:29:44Uploaded by: webmaster
[In reply to a query about Canker.]

First let me correct one thing!

Canker is NOT A VIRUS but is an anaerobic protozoa which means it can live without the presence of oxygen.

Tricho can have many different varieties and then we have a very similar looking critter called Giardia. This also gives very similar symptoms to canker (trichomonosis) and unless treated, it will continue to spread throughout your loft.

Some pigeons may have a natural resistance to canker (very few) but even the best can get hit by it if the waterers are not maintained properly. This is the easiest place for it to spread so at my place I have 2 waterers for each section and while one is in use, the other one is in a bleach solution soaking and then taken out and used while the other one then goes in for a bath.

Tricho is perhaps the greatest single threat to the pigeons as to performance so if you allow it to remain in your pigeons, your success will be very limited if any at all. Also, once it gets a hold in your loft, then other opportunistic bacteria and other problems could get going.

Bob Rowland

A later Post:

Dealing with Canker in the loft:

The first thing that needs to be determined is IF you have a tricho problem. If not, then nothing is necessary and if you do have a problem, was it diagnosed through a microscopic examination?? If not, how do you know you have a problem and further more, if you treat with something, how do you you if the treatment was effective.

There are resistant strains of Canker so we all need to know what we are dealing with and then if we treat with a medication or cure, then it is important to know the treatment cured the problem.

The most important thing any of us can do is the hygiene of our lofts and especially the watering containers. I change my waterers daily and have a large container filled with water AND BLEACH SOLUTION so the waterer comes out and goes into the bleach solution and the one that was used yesterday is now put into the loft as it has been sanitized with the bleach solution overnight.

We can avoid many problems if we are attentive to our hygiene. Then the next step is to have pigeons that have a greater resistance to canker and other bacteria. This is done by years of selective breeding and by not allowing the sick ones to become our key breeders. If we build around pigeons that have a constant need of medications to stay healthy, we are creating a line of pigeons that will not be able to stay healthy without their dependence on these drugs to keep them healthy.

We are our own worst enemies when it comes to developing a line of pigeons that have the extra ability to remain healthy so we all need to begin eliminating the pigeons from our breeding programs that are constantly producing offspring that require special attention to stay healthy.

Hope this helps someone:
Bob Rowland
SpringHill, FLorida

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