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Treating for Lice - the Natural Way...
Author: Bob RowlandTitle: Treating for Lice - the Natural Way
Date: 2003-11-23 00:38:33Uploaded by: webmaster
"Dear Bob;

Yey for you! Kudos, props!!! I was so happy to read your sensible wise words. I agree with everything you said. It's always so much better to use the natural rather than the harsh chemicals.

I wrote in a few months ago about dusting the street birds (which I rescue) with the bio-degradable powder called 'Sevin' to get the spider flies and feather lice off. A wonderful exotic vet told first told me about it. She said that's what the bird doctors use. If you are aware of a better more natural alternative formula or product for this purpose, please let me know. Because someone had written in to let me know that the feds are pulling 'Sevin' off the market, but we can still purchase the same powder under a different name at the pet stores, of course for way more money.

The 'Seven' dust I buy is for edible crops. I get it at garden supply stores. It can be used up to the day of harvest, then it totally bio-degrades in 7 days... thus the name Sevin. And it never had any adverse effect on any of my birds, or me!. Pigeons, Sparrows, Parakeets, Cardinals, Robins, etc. etc. all got the Sevin dust. Never a problem. And the flies dropped right off immediately.

I would be most grateful for an even more natural solution... especially since they're about to pull Sevin off the market.

Blessings and keep finding the natural ways!
Thanks, Lonette in NJ"

To Lonette and others:

I use a product called Neem powder which comes from the Asian cultures. This product is bitter in taste but eventually the birds get used to it and then will drink this solution without fighting back.

All the birds in the world prefer just pure plain water so when we force them to drink a solution, this goes against total nature as we have a tendency to make it too strong. The easiest way o start with a product like this is to start at a very reduced amount and then increase slightly over a period of time until you get them to where they will freely drink. Of course the other method is to force them to drink only this water or nothing and they will eventually stop resisting and begin using the solution as it is intended.

With racing pigeons we must get them to hydrate as much as possible just before we ship the races as this is critical to their flight and performing properly. Much of their fluids are lost during respiration while flying as this is an evaporative loss. This is another reason why pigeons with any sort of respiratory problem don't normally race near the top of the sheet.

The product of neem goes into the water and through having this in their system for an extended length of time, this becomes a part of their environment through their fecal disposal and also then from these residues building a friendly environment within your loft.

The longer we use these natural products, the more the loft begins to sanitize itself against bacteria and pests. This all happens through a totally natural excretion process that leaves the loft in a healthier state. As my races go on, my team becomes better. This happens for a numerous amount of reasons but I would never try to get to this level without the products I now use.

For everybody's information: I used all the standard man made chemicals for many years and when I became very sick in 2000, I became acquainted with Mr. Felix Khan and through his guidance and direction, I learned all about these products and they are now my only source of health care for my pigeons.

Hope this helps someone:
Bob Rowland
SpringHill, FLorida

Coo time for a brew!...Where next?
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