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The Muller Strain...
Author: Liam O ComainTitle: The Muller Strain
Date: 2005-07-08 00:42:27Uploaded by: webmaster
Although a major component of the Aarden dynasty it would be true to state that Wim Muller has, after approximately 30 years at the top of breeding and racing, moulded his family of pigeons into a top modern strain namely the 'Muller Strain'.

MullerAround 1970 Wim Muller entered the sport of pigeon racing and he obtained his stock from a friend named Piet Schot. The stock were Aarden and there was one of special bloodlines from the history of the latter strain. Gradually Muller through study and thoughtful experience developed a good stock sense so much so that he was quickly on the road to success in the sport. Some of us may take a lifetime but Wim Muller blossomed within a decade or thereabouts.

For at the beginning of the nineteen eighties the Muller lofts were supreme within a national context with great pigeons like Hercules, Willem and Adonis amongst others with the highlight of that decade being the winning of the Europa Cup in 1985. The year prior the famous 'Magic Boy' had won the title of 1st Ace Pigeon in races from Barcelona, Marseille and Perpignan; also the latter bird for the period 1993-1997 was crowned best European pigeon for five races from Barcelona. Some of the positions attained by this fabulous pigeon were as follows 44th nat. Barcelona; 73rd nat. Barcelona; 118th nat. Marseille; 119th nat. Perpignan; 149th nat. Barcelona from thousands of a convoy.

Of course the basis for this family greatness was as implied the immortal Zilvervosje - a silver winged hen with an impeccable racing record that was to become the star of the Aarden dynasty and the pigeon acknowledged by Wim Muller (through a far from beautiful grand-daughter) to be the lynch pin of his racing pigeon enterprise.

The fabulous success of the Muller lofts at this time was observed and acted upon by an astute fancier called Hans Eijerkamp who decided that he would purchase the entire Muller family including Wim Muller himself. Eijerkamp was a stud owner (the successful Ponderosa enterprise) who throughout his life invested large sums in the sport and he hoped that he could impress the mind of Muller. His ambitions were not entirely achieved for Muller was as astute as Hans Eijerkamp. Finally there would be a new partnership Eijerkamp-Muller but the latter would remain at Wilhelminadorp on the Oosterschelde because he decided contrary to the wishes of his to be partner to sell 'the fruit of his orchard but retain the trees'. This Muller did when he sent his entire team of widowers and their hens to the Eijerkamp base and retained the stock birds which included the so called Superkoppel (super couple) of 'Kraag + Superduivin'.

For other lofts this would have spelled disaster but not for Muller for as a thinking fancier he had been influenced by the genetic writings of the Hungarian Professor Alfons Anker and according to the latter's principles the master of Wilhelminadorp knew that he had retained as rich a genetic pool as had won the Europa championship. Well, who’s to know better than a strain's founder? For in due course Muller was again producing a team of new champions such as 'Madonna 86' and 'Madonna 2' alongside cocks of the quality of 'Hercules 2'.

Yes this was a unique partnership beginning in 1989 and never seen before in the world of pigeondom and both partners were happy in fact very happy with the arrangement and in next to no time the productive aspect began to bear fruit via the multitude of breeders and winners. The off spring of Muller's pigeons spread throughout Europe via the Ponderosa experience and beyond to other parts of the world. This distinct strain moulded by Muller and distributed by Ponderosa became known as the indestructible marathon pigeons of the planet. Others began winning with the strain and breeding winners in which the Muller name became mentioned in the same breath as Delbar, Vanhee, Catrysse and of course his mentor Jan Aarden.

An important aspect of all this was the continuing winning and the fact that Muller became a full time pigeon fancier backed up with the most up-to-date computerized equipment which arose from the large financial injection by Eijerkamp based upon an allegedly five year agreement which was open to renewal if required. An agreement perhaps similar to those unique partnerships which exist in the field of horse and greyhound racing.

It began well for 'First Lady' won the Perpignan national in 1989 which was into approximately the first six months of the new venture. Then in 1990 Mona Lisa won 1st National Bordeaux Yearlings. Bred from a brother of 'Madonna '82' who later became known as the Golden Breeder. To be followed by 'Lady Sarina' who in 1996 won 1st National Munchen. Then the strain won its second Europa Cup in 1997, which no other loft had achieved previously. And as well as being the winner of the General Championships of the ZLU it also won the title of Ace Pigeon Ultra Distance. Being 39th in the Barcelona National in 1999 from a personal entry of four pigeons. Also the combination Houtekamp (a relative) won the millennium Barcelona International in 2000 with a one hundred per cent Muller bird.

These continuing achievements were accomplished when the partnership of Eijerkamp-Muller was approximately fifteen years and allegedly three contracts in existence. It had proved to be a worthwhile arrangement but through the growth of his sons Wim and Andres and their interest in the sport the time had come for an end to the arrangement which had seen much success and today the partnership is a family of Muller and Sons. The contract with Eijerkamp ended on the last day of the year 2003.

As Muller and Sons (not forgetting Wim's wife and mother of the boys - Rina - who has been there as an important part of the enterprise from the beginning) the change in partnership did not effect the winning ability of the stud. For in 2004 the loft won 4th national Perpignan with a hen named 'First Class', 7645 birds; 1st national Perpignan hens; 1st international Perpignan hens; 5th national Pau; and 5th national Bordeaux as well as 23 prizes in the Barcelona race beginning with 70th national. Also from Dax 31 prizes beginning with 31st and 33rd national. So the Muller lofts appear to be ready for another period of outstanding results and in the process stamp the strain as one of the greatest of the new century. I look forward to its progress!

In conclusion I offer for the readers consideration some notable pigeons from the Muller family and their positions in the top ten: La Signorita - 2nd national Barcelona; Red Bull - 4th national Dax; Power Boy - 4th national Bordeaux; Marseille Star - 4th national Marseille; Lady Melissa - 5th national Bordeaux; Magic Max - 5th national Pau; Silver Boy - 5th national Perpignan; Black Rose - 5th national Barcelona; New Madonna - 6th national Barcelona; Porsche 911 - 8th national Perpignan; Porsche 911 - 8th national Pau; Grand Cru - 9th national Bordeaux; Evita - 10th national Perpignan; Willem II - 10th national Perpignan; Adonis - 10th national Pau; and Lourdes - 10th national Lourdes.

Liam O Comain

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