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Epson Salts, Iodine, Vinegar, Cod Liver Oil...
Author: Bob RowlandTitle: Epson Salts, Iodine, Vinegar, Cod Liver Oil
Date: 2003-11-23 00:45:36Uploaded by: webmaster

I am wondering if anyone has ever tried Vinegar and Hydrogen Peroxide as loft disinfectants.

Here's a scientific test of there effectiveness of using them to kill germs like salmonella and E-coli.

Vinegar and Hydrogen Peroxide as Disinfectants.


Brett and all:

I have been using white vinegar along with other products as part of a loft sanitation formula for several years. This was first told to me by the late Malcolm Ellis and he had a bundle of these simple yet highly effective formulas.

Most of you know by now that I push for the natural cures and sell some of these products for the treatment of our pigeons and these are the only chemicals I use. No man made harsh chemicals that have severe side effects and what I enjoy most about these is that my birds race very well using only these natural medications and herbal cures.

The greatest problem in the pigeon industry is that there are major sellers that also push many standard antibiotic cures and without these standard cures, the pigeons do NOT RACE WELL. So what we are doing when we get some of these pigeons is to get a family of pigeons that are chemically dependent to stay healthy and without those same chemicals, their success on the races is limited.

What all of us must become aware of is that if we continue to require these harsh chemicals to race well, then we will always be captive to them in fear of not being able to race without using them.

I use many natural products both to keep my pigeons healthy and also to enhance their immune system and general health. Such things as garlic, ginseng, msm, dmg, gingko biloba, and more are a standard part of my weekly health program and I am very satisfied with these as my health program. The choice is up to you whether you will use such simple things like white vinegar, as a disinfectant, or if you will continue to use other harsh chemicals that can do harm to us as well as our pigeons.

YOU MAKE YOUR CHOICE but for me, mine is natural products and medicinal health plants.

Hope this helps:


I totally agree with you.Every pigeon fancier I have spoken to, medicate their birds in one form or another.My medicine cabinet consist of ,bleach, empson salt, iodine, vinegar,garlic, cod liver oil.Keep your lofts clean, dry, plenty of sunshine and air. And for for your pigeons health keep all strays and quarantine when introducing new birds.You mentioned ginseng and other natural cures. would you e-Mail me on their uses and dosage.


Rafael and others:

I can not give you a cake formula as to what amount of what is used UNLESS WE KNOW THE PURITY FACTOR! All products are determined by a strength number such as 1 to 1 or 10 to 1 and so forth.

The purity of the product determines how much of each you would use. There is also another number that must be considered and this is known as a MIC Factor or quantity. What MIC stands for is MINIMUM INHIBITORY CONCENTRATION and this is critical.

A common problem with us pigeon flyers is that we all want that CAKE FORMULA or RECIPE and then we feel we are doing it properly. Well, a while back I did an entire article entitled "A DOSE IS A DOSE??" What the issue of this article was the MIC value and this must be used REGARDLESS of how much water you mix it with on a DAILY BASIS!!!

When we go to see the doctor and they give you some pills and they tell you to take one a day for the next 10 days, they never tell you that part of this formula is determined by how much water you drink. If you need 400 mg per day of this medication, then you must get that into your system or you are below the MIC value and that pill may be useless.

When talking about the MIC Value, remember this is a minimum value and yet with harsh chemical cures, it is critical because if you use too much of something, then you can have liver or kidney damage. So for this reason alone, I use the natural cures as they are more forgiving should you overdose. After all, many of these have been around for centuries or even millenias and the tolerance of these natural cures are as much a part of the development of our pigeons as anything else.

Such things as Amoxicillin or Baytril are recent drugs and their part in healing pigeons is relatively new BUT,,,,, IF YOU USE THESE FOR YOUR CURES, are we creating drug dependent pigeons that will require these man made chemicals to now be a winner?? The answer to that is yes and the longer we continue to use the practices, the less ability our pigeons will have to fight off their problems NATURALLY or WITHOUT THESE POWERFUL MAN MADE CURES.

So in conclusion, we all need to know what we are using and also have a complete understanding of why we are doing this and for how long, EACH CASE MAY DIFFER DEPENDING ON SEVERITY so this is why one must learn how to determine if they are meeting MIC VALUES!!!

Hope this helps:

What do you use the Epson salt for? The cod liver oil for? The iodine for?



I don't use any epson salts and looked back to see if I had put that in my writing but could not find it.

Cod liver oil is used along with other Omega 3 Oils such as flax seed, olive oil, etc.,,, and these are added to my feed mix during mid week so I build additional GOOD FAT RESERVES in my pigeons.

All pigeons use fats to complete the race without actually catabolizing their own body. This happens when there is little or nothing left for the pigeons to draw from to get home. We have all seen pigeons that have been out for too long and they are virtually skin and bones. This is because the catabolized, (ATE THEIR MUSCLES so they could survive another day) pigeon will use everything it has to get home and when all reserves are gone, they then perish their self.

Knowing about the physiology of the pigeon is very critical if we are to do the proper job of competing with these pigeons. If we have little or no knowledge of how their system functions, then we will be shooting in the dark and on occasion, we will hit a target but the percentages of doing this are low.

Hope this helps.

Bob, what is this neem product made from? I found that olive leaf extract will knock out resistant e-coli and salmonella but not sure if it does a total cure or not as I did not have enough times to experiment with it. You only dare use it for five days as it raises blood pressure. Better yet if you have a $50,000 bird you really need to save I discovered that if you syringe your bird with olive leaf extract in the morning, hydrogen peroxide at noon, and again in late afternoon a shot of iodine and in the evening a shot of nolvassan (all in correct dosage of course) and do this for about 10 days, it will kill everything and the bird will be fine if you give it bacteria and lots of vitamins, minerals and A-lyte (electrolytes and amino acids) for about a week afterwards. Also, if you have a bird with terminal aspergilosis (or other fungus) you can use one third of a teaspoon of hydrogen peroxide per cup of water and give it to the bird to drink as its only water source for 90 days. It will not hurt the bird and it will kill the fungus. Since it is harsh, I only recommend for fatal fungus diseases. Much better than dying for them---in fact, it seemed to do the birds no harm at all as I had six of them many years ago that I had to treat and one of them is now 15 years old. They also reproduced normally throughout life and the fungus never occured again. I also learned to like natural remedies over many years of experimentation, but with serious diseases it is best to use antibiotics immediately followed by the natural remidies and a good vitamin, mineral, calcium and A-lyte follow up.



I am not trying to contradict you but I would be extremely careful and avoid using hydrogen peroxide as it can kill things very quickly.

There are many places here on the Internet where we can get scientific data about the hydrogen peroxide but I will not recommend it to anyone even though there are success stories with this product.

Before any of us try using a product, it would be to our best interest to study all the side effects and toxic effects of these products and this will help us avoid having any problems or at least to limit them. If we recommend using a product that has all types of warning instructions and it also tells you the product is a poison, then my thought would be to research this very well and not because someone tells us to "TRY IT".

Just because something is written on these modern day sources of information does not necessarily mean that it is a proven scientific fact. Now if we take these ideas and begin using them without understanding what we are doing, then we could have some severe problems.

So in conclusion: Know what you are using and study these products to determine if they are toxic or life threatening to us and even then when we feel secure, it is best to start slowly and review the results. When you pull out the big measuring spoon and begin dosing for an immediate cure, we all need to understand there are no PANACEA EFFECTS. So caution is a sound word of advice and studying what you intend to use for safety is ESSENTIAL!!

Hope this makes us a little cautious before we jump into something because Bob or someone else said it will work.

Cautiously submitting for all our safety!
Bob Rowland
SpringHill, FLorida

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