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Adino Virus - A Natural Cure...
Author: Bob RowlandTitle: Adino Virus - A Natural Cure
Date: 2003-12-09 00:07:27Uploaded by: webmaster
For all that are interested in a natural cure or treatment for adino virus:

I use only the natural products from Marathon BioNutrients and have not been bothered with any major breakouts of adino virus. In my training I started with 142 pigeons and on todays inventory I have 136 plus one wih a broken leg and one other that had been out and is very thin.

The treatment of my pigeons should they appear dumpy is to use the Marathon Keloids, Marathon Garlic Juice Powder, Marathon Licorice Root extract, and Turmeric. This is also a big part of my clean up program which I am starting now as we begin racing in a little more than 2 1/2 weeks and I want them ready to race without having any health problems.

All around me, in previous years, other lofts had severe problems but it never got a strong foothold in my loft. On occasion I would see a pigeon all rumpled up and in this case, I have made capsules of the Marathon Products and I individually dose them. I have to treat them as generally it is a Classic Entry and this gives them a chance for a prize on that race. If any of my own look this way, they are removed as they play no part in my future. My BEST PIGEONS OF MY LIFE WERE NEVER SICK FOR EVEN ONE DAY. I attribute that to the products I use and the health program and perhaps the most important of this all, THE BREEDING PROGRAM!!

This conversation is going to get some very excited and look to argue but if your pigeons are too highly inbred AND the genes for being resistant to problems is not adequate in those pigeons, you will have problems.

Even when 2 pigeons which are from totally different families are paired together, there is still a possibility that if the genetics departments of some universities would look at the gene map, they could find those pigeons to still show a very high inbreeding result.

This occurs as the racing pigeon is really not very old on the picture as about 200 years ago or less, many different breeds were responsible for making the racing pigeon BUT those creating the Racing Pigeon were a very small number of people so soon everyone had their pigeons and because of this, the gene pool is not as diversified as in other creatures.

So now that we know we can have problems and because we have a narrow gene pool available and then we continue to make it worse because we all want a pigeon from whatever is the BUZZ STRAIN of the DAY (YEAR), the problems crop up easily.

When everyone wants several of those trend pigeons of the time, and then they swap with friends that have the same pigeons and then they inbreed them because they feel they are going to create another like the original one that made the strain famous, HOW CAN THEY NOT HAVE HEALTH PROBLEMS??

I use a minimum of 3 different strains of pigeons and even then when Mr. Felix Khan and myself drew blood from our pigeons and were the first to map some of the genes of the pigeons, we found some that although they were from different strains, they still showed highly inbred!! No question as to whether they are or not as the blood work showed scientific data as to the degree of inbreeding.

When we talk about crossing pigeons, we are only kidding ourselves as these are still racing pigeons so any so-called outcrossing is merely an attempt to breed birds with greater diversification of the genes but they ARE NOT CROSSES. A cross would be a chicken to a pigeon and so forth. Then you would alter the genetic makeup and even the type of muscle, etc., that would come about. So we are breeding from the same basic pigeon and to broaden the gene pool, we need to use those pigeons with greater diversification.

This breeding principle should help with eliminating some of the health problems as we would create pigeons that have stronger resistance.

For the pigeons that are throwing up and displaying adino virus symptoms:
Use the following:
  • Keloids
  • Garlic Juice powder
  • Turmeric
  • Licorice.
Use at their normal dosage and results should be noticeable in just a day or two. Don't confuse good actions to being over the problems. Keep running the above for a week to 10 days and even longer if the symptoms were severe.

Bob Rowland
SpringHill, FLorida

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