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Breeding - Cocks vs Hens...
Author: Bob RowlandTitle: Breeding - Cocks vs Hens
Date: 2003-12-13 00:22:36Uploaded by: webmaster
Does it really matter which sex determines the base line of our loft?? I would say that I believe we need BOTH to be of excellent qualities or the weaker one is detracting from the one with the better qualities.

Now we get into another major dilemma and that is that if we build everything around 1 pigeon or 1 pair, soon we will be so inbred that other great faults will come up very often.

To stabilize any line, the greater the number of top quality ancestors AND HAVING THEM GREATLY DIVERSIFIED GENETICALLY, the easier it is to have a stabile breeding program. When you get things too close, you have narrowed the range of what the pigeons can give as a genetic trait and if we take the thought I always use that 95% of our pigeons will never make a significant impact, then this would also mean that 95% will be contributing genes that are not good.

For us to have vitality, inbreeding is a great deterrent to this and to win races, we need vitality and the ability to stay healthy. The sciences show that when any of us inbreed, our pigeons will soon have so many identical traits that soon these are locked and we may never be able to get rid of them. The problem is that it is always much easier to breed bad traits rather than good as if you just use that 95% number, this means for every 20 you breed, 19 are not up to the level we are looking for. Then if we start to use one of those inferior ones in the future breeding program, the odds are reduced even more.

In conclusion:
We have the tendency to make them bad through mistakes in our breeding program and then we try to take bad ones and get better ones out of them??? It seems as if we get back to best to best and forget about trying to breed by strains but use any pigeon that has exceptional performance, we will short-cut our road to success.

Also, when you have too many pigeons from one parent, then soon you are breeding 1/2 brothers to 1/2 sisters and even though many tell you this is what produces the super breeders, then I ask, where are all the champions???

I certainly can't produce champions out of each egg but I accept that we need to stay realistic about the quality of what we use for our future. If I felt everyone was a new champion, I would soon have 10,000 pigeons in my loft and none or very few would win anything.

Bob Rowland
SpringHill, FLorida

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