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The Magic Formula for Success!...
Author: Bob RowlandTitle: The Magic Formula for Success!
Date: 2003-12-13 00:42:49Uploaded by: webmaster
In this article, I will give you the magic formula for success! This is being done because of the following comment from one of my readers and his same thoughts have been told to me by many. He states:

"With every respect and no offence meant. Do you not think when you read a Bob Rowland article that you are left with more questions than answers."

So here are a few answers followed by a few more questions:
Everyone would love to have a CAKE RECIPE where if you put this with that and do that for a certain amount of time, that the results will be perfect. WRONG, WRONG, WRONG!!!

To be a successful pigeon racer means that one must be always aware of what is occurring and then they must make the proper decisions as to how they will fix what they messed up. That's right! Messed up!!

It would be great if everything happened according to a master plan and there was never any deviation from the plan but we need to get real and understand that things have a way of happening even though we have done the same thing many times without a bad effect.

If our pigeons happen to have a bad training toss, how do we correct the problem so we don't create additional problems?? I HAVE NO IDEA as there are many problems that come about and we then need to try our best to straighten the problem out. Or if a virus happens to get into your loft via whatever way they show up, how do we correct this??

The answer to all of this is to be observant and then from there make some calculated guesses as to what is best. REMEMBER,...... if you make the wrong decision, you may complicate the problem even further so apply caution. BE OBSERVANT and then apply caution so you don't bang them up again. There are also many scientific tests that can be done but rather than getting everyone nervous for fear of not feeling capable of learning about these scientific tests, we will reserve that for another article at a later date.

For my feed: I use a feed formula that I feel is adequate but when the birds have a problem, then I need to determine what I think the problem is. If they appear tired, cutting the feed and training them harder is not going to improve their status so how do we do this?? AGAIN. I DON'T KNOW!! EACH DAY AND EACH CIRCUMSTANCE can be greatly different. You and you alone must learn and unfortunately, the mistakes we make are generally our greatest teacher.

We generally know we have made a mistake soon after we make it and many times even before we are about to do it, but for some strange reason, we have the attitude that we are teaching them something. Then rather than taking two steps to the rear and analyzing what has happened, many of us do the same thing again. Why?? Because we are going to teach them another lesson. If we do this enough times, we don't have so many to teach because we justify by saying we got rid of the inferior ones.

All of us need to take the time to learn some basic skills as to how we manage and also we need to learn to NOT MAKE THE SAME MISTAKE TWICE. If it didn't work the first time, odds are the next time will give similar results so we need to then try another direction or attitude.

I was very fortunate to have some very good teachers and their words still come piercing back into my head when I make another stupid move. We all are going to do some stupid things but the person that makes the least mistakes is the one with a better chance of being more successful.

There are no books that can give you a day by day routine so that if you follow it, you are guaranteed success. There are many good books by many authors that can give you the ideas and trends they follow or followed for success but each day is another new day. Each day must take care of itself and you need to be observant enough to know or at least make an intelligent guess as to how to handle the new problem.

When I talked about my feeds, many wanted the exact formula and yet all I can tell them is that each day still has different conditions and requirements. At the time I am writing this article, it is 80' here in Florida and yet there are places where it is below 0' F so the energy requirements of the birds are very different.

If your birds are racing in a climate similar to Europe, their conditions are very different than here in the tropics of Florida or Puerto Rico. There the weather is warm and the birds shy away from corn unless it is the only thing to eat. Yet in the cold climates, that grain is necessary to develop heat for them to stay warm. This is just a brief example but very fitting and appropriate.

I am constantly trying new things and many times they come out and bite me in the backside but occasionally I pick the winning lottery number and have a winner for a while. My problem is I end up telling the rest of the pigeon world as I want to help make a difference in this sport I love so much.

The number of races we win is more important to some than it is to others and therefore they tell no one their secrets. However, once you learn the basics, then you never have to depend on them to spoon feed you in the future. If you depend on them to give you a fish to eat, then you will always be dependent but once you have learned how to fish, you are now self sufficient and will survive the future troubles.

Be assured that more problems will arise each year but also read, observe, and understand and you will be better equipped to handle these problems.

So in conclusion, YOU ARE THE SECRET FORMULA FOR SUCCESS. It is simply a matter of how much you want to learn. If you expect someone else to do all the learning and then do all your work for you, will you ever really be able to get to the top and stay there??

I hope this helps and for all those out there, I DO MAKE PLENTY OF MISTAKES AND SOMETIMES I DO THEM TOO OFTEN, but when something doesn't work, don't keep doing the same thing. If you hit your finger with a hammer, it will still hurt the next time just as much so if you have the tendency to hit your finger too often, then learn to hold the hammer with both hands so you can't hit your finger!!

Bob Rowland
SpringHill, FLorida

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