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Author: Richard SandersonTitle: Young Fanciers Forum
Date: 2006-07-19 14:48:16Uploaded by: Webmaster

Fabregas – First Team
Fabregas – First Team
A fair bit of time has passed since my last scribblings; good news is that I’m back home for the summer, and the pigeons are racing. It was always going to be a long shot to get a couple of races for my yearlings but last weekend saw the Up North Combine basket for Melton Mowbray, 135 miles to my loft, the same weekend as their Bourges Blue Ribband race. So flying them on the natural system, sitting around 5 days, 11 triers were sent; 6 cocks and 5 hens. Not allot was expected of them in the race really, first time out of the loft, but they were flying well and had 5 tosses from around 20 miles. Come Saturday morning they were liberated at 9:15am in a southwest wind which gave an eta of just after 11:30, looking for a tad under 60mph. Well the winners stuck to that time being in at 11:38, but my lot didn’t decide to turn in until closer to 12. Looking in the excuse book (not many left mind you) I decided it was just not our day, keep them going and they should come better with a race under their belts next week, which is from the same racepoint.

Crespo – First Team
Crespo – First Team
Bad news was that during the night a couple of weeks ago, a rat found its way into my stock loft and took two youngsters from the nest. So I set about making the loft rat proof again; it just shows you can’t be complacent where predators are concerned; you look the other way for just a minute and they’ll take that opportunity to hit you. I found that they’d chewed their way through some of the mesh in the aviary, big enough for them to get into one section, which meant they could now get the run of the whole loft. So I decided now with having the clear roof sheets in the loft the aviary is now a luxury I can ill afford, and blocked the aviary entrance off with some framed small wire mesh quarter inch. Anyhow while I was doing that to one section, they were only bold enough to take a youngster from another section, obviously there must be another way into the loft! Now I’ve separated all but one pair of my stock and put them in ‘safe’ sections until I can get round with the expanding foam and small wire mesh to block any hole that these pests can get in.

Klose - Substitute
Klose - Substitute
Last time I promised a competition. The way it goes is; you know those fantasy football/dream team competitions we get bombarded with just before the kick off of each season in all the papers, well its much like that only with pigeons! There is a list of 27 birds to choose from, 17 from which to choose your first team of 6 birds, and 10 substitutes picking 3. The birds are my youngsters and the reason for the split is the 17 first teamers are my darkness squad and the others are slightly later bred and on natural. OK, so you’ve picked your team these birds go to the youngbird races and score points as to where they finish against loftmates (other team members). Its 10 points for a first home, down to 1 point for 10th. There are a couple more technicalities to do with ties and the suchlike but I shan’t bore you with those here.

All the birds have been given names – on a world cup/football theme – to help us keep track of their performances through the season. The way to enter is through the website; the address is http://www.pigeonbasics.com/competitions/race/2006/ and entries will close the night of basketing for the first race, which is 28th July. Also on the website will be pages with photos of each bird and their results (once we kick-off), the result of each race, and a leaderboard with a page for every entry to see how your squad are doing.

The competition is open to everyone, but there will be prizes for young fanciers only – for everyone else it’s just a bit of fun! Some of the prizes up for grabs are; 2 youngsters from Louella Pigeon World, a pair of youngsters from Ponderosa, a 12 month subscription to the British Homing World, and 10 Natural goodie packs.

Not allot of time to decide which players to pick, so get on the website and get entered quick! I’ll be keeping the website up-to-date with how the birds get on, and also a piece in the BHW as often as I can.

Richard Sanderson Hartlepool

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