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7 of the Best Part 3 by Joe Murphy...
Author: Joe MurphyTitle: 7 of the Best Part 3 by Joe Murphy
Date: 2022-03-10 08:16:26Uploaded by: Brian
Joe Murphy’s Seven of the Best -Part 3 George Rankin & son Gareth’s Old Grizzle Hen I had hoped that this story could have been covered in three parts, however the more I worked on it and the more information I detected, it was obvious this could not be done. Hence part three, is dedicated exclusively to the Old Grizzle Hen SU83 L 11945 raced by George and Gareth Rankin of Blantyre in Lanarkshire, as I feel she is worth the space in the press. I want fanciers to enjoy reading about these seven great pigeons and to my mind there is no good cutting parts out of a story. I want them to be interesting and, going by the feedback that I have received, everyone has enjoyed the first two parts. One thing I have found over the years is that the top fanciers never become bored or fed-up reading about top quality pigeons or their owners. Now lets us get on with the story of the Old Grizzle Hen. This outstanding hen was bred by Andrew Deans of Bothwell. She was a marvelous racer and in turn became a phenomenal breeder when put to stock. She was a prize winner from all distances between the years of 1983 and 1989 winning the following; in 1993 as a youngster, she won 2 nd club Lancaster, velocity 980 with 387 birds competing, also 6 th west section Lanarkshire Federation 2028 birds and 5 th Lanarkshire Social Circle. She was then sent to the young bird National from Redditch and won 36 th region F with a velocity of 782. In 1984 she won 1 st club 4 th west section 16 th open Lanarkshire federation Hastings 391 miles, 2176 birds, velocity 1010, also 1 st Burnbank 3-bird club, 6 th Lanarkshire Social Circle, she was also 4 th bird in the clock from Dorchester 358 miles. 1985, 2 nd bird timed to the loft from Hastings 391 miles, then timed from Rennes with a velocity of 677 ypm. She was then sent back to Sartilly (2) and again made the clock in race time. 1986 she was clocked from Hastings 391 miles and was timed from the Lanarkshire federation Sartilly race from 500 miles. In 1987 she won 1 st club Hastings when only 3 birds were timed into the club in race time. Velocity 433, winning 14 th west section 675 birds, 44 th open Lanarkshire federation 2.017 birds and 7 th Lanarkshire Social Circle. Five weeks later she won 2 nd club (beaten by a loft mate) 8 th west section Lanarkshire federation Sartilly, velocity 1158, 10 th Lanarkshire Social Circle. 1988, Rennes returning on the 4th day, this was the only time George found her tired from a race and she was allowed to remain in the loft for the rest of the year. In 1989 she won 3 rd west section 23 rd open SNFC Niort 673 miles, with 881 birds competing. She had a velocity of 755 and won 1 st Lanarkshire Social Circle. As she had been raced hard over seven years George and Gareth decided that she would now be retired, which proved to be a very wise decision. Andrew Deans, as I said, bred the ‘Old Grizzle Hen’; her sire was a grizzle cock 15559 gifted to Andrew by George and Gareth from a blue pied cock inbred from two families. His sire was from a father and daughter of Willie & Margaret Wilson of Larkhall bloodlines crossed with a grizzle hen purchased from McIvor Bothers of Carnwath, which was also inbred from a half-brother and sister pairing. Dam of the ‘Old Grizzle Hen’ was a mealy hen who won many prizes for Andrew Deans. Her sire was a 17-year-old red grizzle cock SU57M6857 who was bred by the late R Nimmo of Newharthill from his good red stock hen, the dam of ‘Brent Lad’ winner of Rennes in 1952 for Mr. Marshall of Hamilton, velocity 1080. The dam of the mealy hen was a blue chequer hen bred by McIvor Bothers for club mate Isaiah Stewart of Carnwath. The ‘Old Grizzle Hen’ won 3 rd west section 23 rd open SNFC Niort in 1989, she was mated to a grizzle cock, her half cousin as his sire was ‘793’ was a full brother to 15559 who was the sire of the ‘Old Grizzle Hen’. ‘793’ was then paired to 23666 who contained the best of the Willie & Margaret Wilson bloodlines, and this pairing produced the sire of ‘Westbound’ who was a late bred and untrained in the year of his birth. The following year he was 3 rd bird in the clock from Dorchester, 365 miles, in a north-west wind carrying 6 nest flights in each wing. After having a good moult, the following year, he won 6 th club Dorchester, velocity 834, and was then set up for the Lanarkshire Open race from Sartilly which turned out to be a very hard race with no bird’s home on the day from an entry of 1,258 birds. ‘Westbound’ arrived the next morning to win 1 st club velocity again 834, 5 th west section 21 st open. The ensuing year 1987 he was sent to Rennes but failed to make the result, then the succeeding year he won 38 th West Section 102 nd open from the Lanarkshire Open Hastings race, 391 miles; 2,123 birds, velocity 928. In 1989 he was entered for the SNFC Niort race and won 20 th west section 88 th open from a distance of 673 miles and recorded a velocity of 638 competing against 881 birds. The next year he was given the name ‘Westbound’ as he competed in the SNFC Niort race with 901 birds competing. The wind in Scotland on the second day was a violent westerly gale of 28 miles per hour. This gallant blue cock fought every inch of the way home and boy did he have to work his socks off, however his efforts were well worth the effort as he won 1 st west Section 4 th open SNFC Niort recording a velocity of 764 ypm. ‘Westbound’ was paired to a stock hen 28120 (who was the mother of 23666 mentioned above) this was his great granddam on the sire’s side. She was from a half brother and sister pairing from the old blue pied ‘Ever Ready’ who won 83 rd West Section 238 th open velocity 722. ‘Westbound’ and ‘28129’ bred ‘Hat-Trick’, a lovely blue hen who won 3 rd West Section 17 th open SNFC Niort in 1991 (778 birds). Unfortunately, she was killed by a hawk in February of 1992. ‘Hat- Trick’ was the dam of ‘Dutchmaster’ who won 1 st SNFC Region E young bird national in 1991. The same year as his mother won from Niort. His half-sister 2494 bred ‘Dutchmist’ who won 14 th region E young bird national and 10 bags of Dutchmaster grain. Another daughter from ‘Hat-Trick’ when she was paired to a son of the ‘Old Grizzle Hen’ crossed with an Eddie Newcombe cock bred ‘2494’ who was then paired to the partnership Gold Award cock ‘Red Rocket’. who won the following positions in the SNFC; 1987; 28 th west section 154 th open Sartilly 2,358 birds with a velocity of 1034; 1988-15 th west section 100 th open Sartilly 2.883 birds’ velocity 859; then 18 th west section Sartilly 2, velocity 739 1929 birds; 1989 3 rd west section 58 th open Rennes 4045 birds’ velocity 1024; 1990 67 th west section 301 st open Rennes 4,516 birds’ velocity 818 winning his Gold Award? (You will read more about him in the ‘No Surrender’ Part 4 of my story). This pairing produced a blue pied hen ‘26716’. She was raced for two years before being retired to the stock loft which was a wise decision as she turned out to be a top stock hen. She was paired to a chequer cock that was a gift to George & Gareth from our SNFC Sartilly winner ‘Mystical Rose’ when she was paired to a son of ‘Lothian Lass’ (see first part of Seven of the Best story). This pairing of the Murphy chequer cock and ‘26716’ bred ‘24030’, a blue hen who had all races as a youngster out to Banbury SNFC Young bird national a distance of 281 miles. As a yearling she won 3 rd club 18 th open Lanarkshire Federation 2.268 birds, from Fareham 363 miles, with a velocity of 1022ypm. She also won 4 th Lanarkshire Social Circle 326 birds. In 1996 she won 7 th club 28 th open Lanarkshire Federation Salisbury, 2,493 birds, 342 miles velocity 1048. She was then set up for the last national race of the season and won 1 st West Section 13 th open SNFC Sartilly with 1,501 birds entered. She recorded a velocity of 1211 for the 499 miles and also won 1 st Lanarkshire Social Circle. As the partnership had already won the West Section in a previous race that same year, they decided to call the blue hen ‘Double Delight’. In 1997 she flew Rennes smash, then the following year she was clocked from the Federation Sartilly race returning hawked. In 1999 she won 6 th club from the Federation Lille race. George has always been a friend of Jim Hannah of Blantyre and he and Jim paired their West Section winners together and shared the offspring. When ‘Westbound’ was paired to ‘Westsound’ who won 1 st west section 4 th open Rennes in 1984 (5639 birds) for Jim Hannah this pairing produces two hens with George and Jim having one each. They both called them the ‘Double Section Hen’. Jim’s hen was the dam of ‘Blue Girl’ winner of 1 st west section 2 nd open Sartilly for Jim Hannah. George’s hen in turn was paired to ‘Westbound Junior’ and bred a blue cock ‘22299’. This cock was then paired to an Alan Darragh hen that was a daughter of ‘Swallowbrae Lad’ when paired back to the sire of Swallowbrae Lad’. ‘Swallowbrae Lad’ won 1 st open Irish National Flying Club yearling race and also a new car into the bargain. The pairing of ‘22299’ and the ‘Darragh Hen’ produced two hens, ‘Westbound Princess’ and ‘Westbound Lady’ (see photographs). ‘Lady’ was a late bred in 1997 and was not raced the following year. Then after having a full moult, she was given six races the following year. In 1999 as a 2-year-old she went to Sartilly and was clocked at 08-01am the next morning, just missing the National result by 11 yards, as her velocity was 759. In 2000 she won 1 st west section 9 th open SNFC Nantes (386 birds) and was also 1 st Lanarkshire Social Circle. In 2001 she won 11 th west section 25 th open Lanarkshire Federation Blandford, 350 miles with 2.290 birds competing. Unfortunately, she failed to return from a race from Tow Law in 2002. ‘Westbound Princess’ was a full sister to ‘Lady’. As a youngster ‘Princess’ won 1 st club, 1 st Lanarkshire Social Circle, 1 st west Section 1 st open Lanarkshire Federation Morpeth, 5,349 birds, velocity 1238. She also won 12 th club Ripon velocity 934 and 51 st region E in the Young Bird National, velocity 965. As a yearling she won 6 th club Hexham velocity 1364 and was also 7 th club Pontefract velocity 1121, being 15 th West section Lanarkshire federation 2, 296 birds. In 2001 ‘Westbound Princess’ won 1 st Lanarkshire Social Circle 2 nd West Section 40 th open SNFC Hastings 392 miles with 1,915 birds competing and she recorded a velocity of 1250 ypm. Unfortunately, like her sister she was lost at an inland race in 2002. A full sister to ‘Lady’ and ‘Princess’ also won for Andrew Deans, (whom you will read about later on in this story Joe M). Another brother ‘16259’ won 44 th west section Rennes in 1998 in only his 6 th ever race. We now come to a red cock bred in 2000 that was to be called ‘Westbound Direct’ whose sire was a red cock ‘7760’ bred by Jim Hannah, being a grandson of ‘Red Producer’ when paired to his half-sister. Both these birds bred from ‘Bonnie Lass’ winner of 13 th open SNFC Rennes and other top positions. Sire of ‘7760’was a red 98-bred hen ‘11444’ from the late Jock Traill of Fife. Sire of ‘11444’ was a 91 bred-red cock, a direct sone of Jimmy & Jessie Keir & son’s ‘My Little Lady’ winner of 1 st East section 4 th open SNFC Rennes. Dam of ‘11444’ was a granddaughter of ‘Trail’s Spark’ winner of 1 st open SNFC Niort 690 miles (260 birds and ‘Nancy’ winner of 1 st open SNFC Nantes 620 miles (392 birds) for Jock Traill. Dam of ‘Westbound Direct’ was a grizzle hen ring number 99L12600, which was bred from a mealy pied cock that was a son of Jim Hannah’s ‘Queen’. Dam of the mealy pied cock was a blue pied hen from ‘Red Rocket’, the Rankin’s SNFC Gold Award winner, when paired to his granddaughter ‘Spider’. The sire of ‘Spider’ was from a daughter of ‘Red Rocket’ when paired to the ‘Old Grizzle Hen’. ‘12600’ dam was a blue grizzle hen ‘01435’ bred by Colin Brough of Congleton in Cheshire, bred from a 1 st section L NFC Pau winner. ‘Westbound Direct’ had five races to Ripon as a youngster, and as a yearling he won 19 th west section 49 th Lanarkshire Federation Newark; he also flew from the English coastline twice from Blandford and Portland. In 2002 he won 1 st west section 3 rd open SNFC Newbury 3,906 birds, flying from a distance of 324 miles and recording a velocity of 1399. He was then entered into the last SNFC race of that year from Clermont, 522 miles, and he won 11 th west section 77 th open with 2,794 birds competing, velocity 839. Again, unfortunately in today’s climate of pigeon racing ‘Westbound Direct’ failed to return for the SNFC Chenoise race of 2003. Some people never win a Section in a lifetime of trying yet here we have a loft that has won 5 x 1 st West Sections in the SNFC, George and Gareth Rankin have also won the Combine Average in the West Section in 1991, 1995, 1996 and 1998. They have also collected 94 diplomas since starting to race with the club in 1975 up to the present time (2004) and they will soon reach the magical 100. Fanciers can see that I have tried to link the breeding of all the 1 st SNFC West Section winners in the Rankin Loft. It is obvious how the bloodlines of the ‘Old Grizzle Hen’ have influenced this outstanding team of pigeons. At the same time, we must give credit to George and Gareth for the skills they have used to retain this family. ‘The Old Grizzle Hen’ died in Mid-February 1996 at 13 years of age. George found her one morning as he attended to the birds; she was sitting on her eggs with her wings tight back at her sides. He lifted her off and it was as if he had taken her to hand her to another fancier to hold. George then made a box for her and both he and Gareth shed many tears as they buried her in front of their loft at Blantyre. At the time of her death, they had 8 direct children from her in the loft, and from the 72 pigeons in their loft 55 of them contained her bloodlines. Her descents can still be traced into the present-day team of winners now at Gareth’s home in Larkhall. I will now give you an insight into winners for George and Gareth as well as other fanciers who have won SNFC positions with descendants bred down from the ‘Old Grizzle Hen’. Starting firstly with the Rankin Loft’s performances; 1985: Daughter grizzle,14 th Region E Young bird national Cheltenham velocity 1017. 1986: G/Daughter, mealy, 20 th Region E Young bird national Cheltenham velocity 1083. 1989: G/Daughter, Grizzle, 26 th West Section 172 nd open Sartilly 1 2989 birds; velocity 1088. 1989: Son, blue ‘Westbound’ 20 th West Section 88 th open Niort 673 miles; 881 birds; velocity 683. 1990: ‘Westbound’ won 1 st West Section 4 th open Niort 673 miles; 901 birds; velocity 764. 1990: G Son, blue pied ‘Consistent’ 44 th West Section 237 th open Rennes 4516 birds; velocity 847. 1990: GGG Daughter, mealy pied 16 th region, 322 nd open young bird Worchester 6,249 birds vel 1158. 1991; GG Son, ‘Red Bonanza’ 3 rd west section 31 st open Sartilly 1, 3180 birds, vel 1025. 1991: Son ‘Mealy Express’ 4 th west section 78 th open Rennes, 4776 birds vel 954. 1991: G Son, ‘Consistent’ 5 th west section 82 nd open Rennes, 4776 birds, vel 946. 1991: G Daughter, blue ‘Hat-Trick’ 3 rd west section 17 th open Niort, 778 birds, 956. 1991: GG Son; ‘Bonanza’ 24 th west section 130 th open Sartilly (2) 3673 birds, 794 1991: G Daughter; blue 26 th west section 142 nd open Sartilly (2) 3673 birds, Vel 780 1991: GG Son blue of ‘Dutchmaster’ 1 st Region E YB national Worchester 6876 birds; vel 1068, 1991; GGG Daughter; blue ‘Dutchmist’ 14 th Region E YB national Worchester 6876 birds, vel 1017. 1991: GGG Daughter blue 16 th Region E YB national Worchester 6876 birds, vel 1012. 1992: GG Son ‘Bonanza’ 22 nd west section 170 th open Sartilly (1) 3293 birds, Vel 1101. 1992: G Son; ‘Consistent’ 25 th west section 176 th open Rennes 4501 birds, vel 977. 1992: Son, ‘Express’ 122 nd west section Rennes 4501 birds, vel 806. 1994: GG Daughter, ‘Spider’ no birds in west section on the day; she won 4 th west section 87 th open Beauvais 2835 birds, vel 855. 1994: G Son grizzle, won 31 st west section Beauvais 2835 birds, vel 682. 1994; GGG Son blue pied; 35 th region E YB National Banbury 5822 birds, vel 900. 1995; Daut ‘The Ace’ 11 th west section 48 th open Rennes, 3656 birds vel 734. 1995; GGDaut; blue chequer pied 23 rd west section 85 th open Rennes, 3656 birds vel 699. 1995; G Daut blue hen; 5 th west section 25 th open Niort 494 birds, vel 803. 1995; G Son of ‘Westbound Junior’ 7 th west section 36 th open Niort 494 birds, vel 736. 1996; Daut ‘The Ace’, 28 th west section Rennes 2511 birds vel 758. 1996; G Son, ‘Westbound Junior’ 1 st west section 24 th open Niort 260 birds, vel 676. 1996; GGG Daut; ‘Double Delight’ 1 st west section 13 th open Sartilly (2) 1501 birds, vel 2111. 1997: G Son ‘Westbound Junior’ 5 th west section 26 th open Nantes, 392 birds, vel 723. 1998; G Son red, 42 nd west section Rennes 3019 birds, vel 810 1998; GGG Son blue, 44 th west section Rennes 3019 birds, vel 802. (Same sire as Lady, Princess, & the Andrew Dean’s blue hen, whom you will read about below.) 1998; GS ‘Westbound Junior’ 4 th west section 22 nd open Nantes, 475 birds, vel 603. 1998; GGD grizzle; 16 th west section 146 th open Sartilly 2042 birds, vel 942. 1999; GD blue chequer ‘Reliable’ 17 th west section Frome 758 birds vel 936. 2000; GGGD ‘Westbound Lady’, 1 st west section 9 th open Nantes 386 birds, vel 750 2001; GGGSon blue 23 rd west section Frome 603 birds vel 860 (his sire is from Westbound Junior when paired to his granddaughter ‘Westbound Lady) 2001; GD ‘Reliable’ 30 th west section Frome 603 birds vel 842. 2001; GGGD ‘Westbound Princess’ 2 nd west section 40 th open Hastings, 1915 birds, vel 1250. 2001; GD ‘Reliable’ 30 th region E Liege, 447 birds vel 771. 2002; GGGGGG Son; red ‘Westbound Direct’ 1 st west section 3 rd open Newbury 3906 birds vel 1399. 2002; GGGGGG Son; red ‘Westbound Direct’ 11 th west section 77 th open Clermont 2794 birds vel 839. All the above have been bred and raced by George & Gareth Rankin. Over the years George has kept immaculate records of all his pigeons also on the people he has given birds too or who have purchased them at sales and the price they paid. The feedback the partnership has received from fanciers who have won with their pigeon is ‘incredible’ to say the least. I will let you make up your own mind by highlighting some of the other fanciers who have won with progeny from the ‘Old Grizzle Hen’. Walter McGaffney of Lesmaghow won 8 th west section, 24 th open Nantes, 386 birds vel 670 in 2000, with a GGG Daughter. A GGGG son won 37 th region E Leige 447 birds, vel 711 in 2001 and 57 th region E Reims 603 birds vel 636 in 2002. Andrew Deans of Bothwell outstanding Grizzle cock, GGGG son was bred and raced by Andrew and won 18 th west section 152 nd open Rennes 3019 birds vel 955 in season 1998, 3 rd west section 8 th open Nantes 561 birds vel 1241 in season 1999. 5 th west section 28 th open Messac 2029 birds, vel 901 in season 2000. Anther GGGGGG daughter, a grizzle hen won 4 th west section 27 th open Chenoise 630 birds with a velocity of 699.91 for the 579 miles, she was bred and raced by Andrew Deans. Another GGG Daut a blue hen ‘Treble 5’ won 34 th west section Clermont 529 birds with a velocity of 714 during the 2002 season. Raced by Andrew she has the same sire as ‘Westbound Lady’, ‘Westbound Princess’ and the blue cock (Half-brother) that won 44 th open Rennes for the Rankin partnership. The dam of ‘Westbound Princess’, ‘Westbound Lady’ and Treble 5’ was a blue hen that George and Gareth had on loan from George Barry of Ballymena in Northern Ireland. She was bred by Alan Darragh of Cullybackey from a daughter of ‘Swallow Brae Lad’ paired back to the sire of ‘Swallow Brae Lad’. ‘Swallow Brae Lad’ won 1 st open Irish National Flying Club yearling Penzance race plus a car in 1989. Kerr Stainthorpe of Lesmahagow bred a grizzle hen who was a granddaughter of the ‘Old Grizzle Hen’, Kerr’s hen won 37 th west section Frome 4005 birds with a velocity of 1101 in 1998. She was then sent to Rennes and won 36 th west section 3019 birds, velocity of 845. J & J Hood of Milton of Campsie bred a GGG daughter; her sire was a half-brother to ‘Lady’, ‘Princess’ and the ‘Dean’s Hen’. The Hood’s hen won 6 th region F from Leige with a velocity of 725 in 2001 and then in 2002 she won 6 th region from Reims with a velocity of 551 for 579 miles. Jim Cameron of Uddingston good grizzle cock ‘Andra’ is a GGGGGG son of the ‘Old Grizzle Hen’ – ‘Andra’ won 1 st west section 66 th open Lille in 2000, with 1399 birds and had a velocity of 1623. Jim Cullen of Uddingston won with a grizzle hen in 2002 with her sire the same bird that bred Jim Cameron’s ‘Andra’, so Jim Cullen’s bird is also a GGGGGG daughter of the ‘Old Grizzle Hen’, she won 1 st west section 8 th Clermont 2794 birds with a velocity of 1138 for the 523 miles. Here are just 3 of the birds that Jim Hannah has bred with the ‘Old Grizzle Hen’ in their bloodlines; GG Daughter ‘Blue Girl’ 1997 1 st west section, 2 nd open Sartilly 1622 birds with a velocity of 829, 32 nd west section, 154 th open Rennes 2862 birds, velocity 918 in 1999. GGGG Daughter ‘Pied Queen’ 1 st west section, 13 th open Rennes 3019 birds’ velocity 1180 in 1998; 43 rd west section 145 th open Messac 2029 birds, velocity 543 in 2000. GGG Daughter ‘Glenburn Little Wonder’ 1 st west section, 2 nd open Chenoise 630 birds, velocity 1074 for the 578 miles. Dougie Spittal of Glasgow; won in 2002 with a blue hen a GGGG daughter wining 3 rd region F, 5 th west section, 28 th open Chenoise 2002 flying 590 miles from an entry of 630 birds with a velocity of 699. What can I say after reading the above other that say this is Absolutely Astounding? The old saying that results speak for themselves, is an understatement as far as the Rankin pigeon family goes. They are, without doubt, an extraordinary family of pigeons, that are exempt of criticism as they win under all sorts of management. They not only win for other fanciers but breed winners into the bargain. George Rankin is one of the most knowledgeable fanciers that I have ever had the pleasure to meet. He has a fantastic memory for pigeons, pigeon fanciers and their results. I used to pride myself on my bookkeeping, on the records I kept on my birds. However, I have to admit that in George Rankin I have found my ‘Peer’, as he is an encyclopedia on keeping data on pigeons. He details everything down in his loft book and this was long before computers were on the market. He could tell you when a hen laid her first egg, cast her first flight, how many miles it had training and so on. Everything is recorded in this loft record book and to George this was his ‘Bible’. Many of the present-day fanciers could take a leaf out of this man’s book and keep better records of their birds. I know for a fact that if asked for a pigeon for a ‘Charity Sale’ George would sit for hours and hand write every single detail on the pedigree form, so dedicated a pigeon man is he. I have no hesitation in saying he is a ‘One Off’ and a more likeable big Irishman you could not wish to meet. His son Gareth is also a very dedicated hard-working fanciers and I have studied their results since moving the birds to Gareth’s home in Larkhall, and he has continued with the same high standards. Gareth will become as good if not better than his dad, which is saying something as I have the highest admiration for George. I will continue with the breeding of the Rankin partnerships SNFC Gold Award winner in my final part of my Seven of the Best. It was heart breaking when Gareth informed me that he was giving up the pigeon sport and believe me he is a big loss. I can understand why he did so, as the politics within our sport in Scotland at that time tore the heart out of many good honest fanciers, myself included. However, he and his dad names will be recorded forever in the annuals of the SNFC. Please continue to keep the news flowing; to Joe Murphy Mystical Rose Cottage 2 Flutorum Avenue Thornton by Kirkcaldy KY1 4BD or phone 01592 770331 or Email to joejmurphy1@gmail.com REMEMBER THE J IN THE MIDDLE or you can also view online editions on: www.elimarpigeons.com www.fancierchat.co.uk www.pigeon-chat.co.uk - www.Pigeonbasics.com - Pigeon Racing the Basics! - thecanadianpigeoninternational.com www.internationalracingpigeon.com or HTTPS://SITES.GOOGLE.COM/SITE/INTERNATIONALRACINGPIGEON/ WHO WISH MY WEEKLY CONTRIBUTION PORTFOLIO ON PIGEON TOPICS FROM SCOTLAND? © COMPILED BY JOE MURPHY

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