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A Safe Alternative for Healthy Pigeons...
Author: Bob RowlandTitle: A Safe Alternative for Healthy Pigeons
Date: 2002-12-27 00:22:45Uploaded by: webmaster
This article is one that was very difficult for me to learn. I, like most other people, felt that the only way to treat our pigeons for general health problems consisted of using harsh man made chemicals. This feeling is quite natural because we hear about the wonders of certain drugs in treating problems but we are never made fully aware of what the side effects are.

As I just have stated, I was a heavy medicator in the hope of being competitive on race day. Using the standard pharmaceutical chemicals in the treatment or prevention process was a standard part of my racing routine. I felt that without these chemicals, my racing success would be limited.

In November or December of 2000, I was fighting some very severe personal health problems and was being administered some pretty harsh man made chemicals in an attempt to cure my problems. I suffer from severe respiratory problems plus other kidney and bladder problems and my health was being diminished rapidly. Then I became in touch with a Mr. Felix Khan and we developed a personal friendship and I was introduced to medicinal plant products that I and my pigeons are now using as our primary health cure. Granted, I will never be able to run the greatest of the Marathons but the key point here is that my health has improved and I have not gone further downhill.

The key to medicine is if the cure does you more harm than good, was it truly effective? Many times we hear about health problems where the original problem was cured but the patient had COMPLICATIONS and is in worse shape than before but now it is of a different problem. This happens all too often and that is because the cure was so abrupt that it put the immune system into a negative response and other vital organs suffered from the harsh chemical treatments. THESE are commonly called SIDE EFFECTS. In addition, the immune system can either be in a positive mode where it can fight the problems or it can be put into a suppressed mode where it has been tricked into not doing anything in the hope that the chemicals administered will take effect and fight the battle. This is known in medical terms as either a TH-1 or a TH-2 response. More about these later.

Now for the good news:

We have plant extracts at our availability that have been around for thousands of years and they are just now being rediscovered. The reason for this is that we have abandoned the old time cures that Grandma used to use because we could get some magic pill that would cause a reaction almost within a few hours. Now I agree that there are situations where this is necessary but it is to the best for all of us if these wonder cures are retained until nothing else works.

Recent articles show where we have used so many chemicals on a daily basis that the residual effects of these drugs have been found in our water and even wild animals and birds. This is because they get washed out of our systems and end up in the ground water through our waste products. However, medicinal plant extracts are found routinely in our environment and many of these are used to keep our streams and waters pure. They have been doing this for eons of ages and these are a part of our natural enhancements to our immune systems.

It is also a well known fact that many different man made chemicals are used in the meat raising industries as the main purpose behind selling any meat product is measured by the amount of product to be sold. Therefore, the producers of these animals use many of these drugs to suppress the immune system so the animal gets a quick weight gain before being sold. It then goes to market with some of these chemicals still in the meat we are buying.

Ok, so I have just told you about the harsh chemical exposure to our lives. Now I will tell you the really bad news!! We now have bacteria that is immune to many of the drugs as the exposure to the improper use or overuse have created the super bugs. So now, if we need some of these harsh chemicals in a life or death scenario, they may ultimately cost us our life because the dosage will have to be increased to such a level for effectiveness that the other vital organs may receive problems.

Now for the good news:

There are medicinal plant products that are totally natural to our systems and are meant to be effective because nature has used these plants or their extracts for thousands of years and through these and evolution of our health system, is how we have survived. Our systems react to these natural cures.

If we go back several hundred years, there were societies with these knowledges and because of that, their race or strain survived to move ahead and be part of our society today. These races or strains that did not have some of these natural occurring phenomena did not survive. A recent educational program showed the ice man that was more than 5000 years old and he had tattoos where certain plant extracts were administered because of health problems and also in his bag of tricks were other herbs and plant products that were so precious he carried them with him.

Since I made the commitment to go entirely with medicinal plant extracts as my pigeon health program, I have had some races where the results show clearly that these products have allowed me to have my birds in the health condition to be able to win against some of the finest competition in the world. This clearly shows me that the use of harsh man made chemicals are not needed as a part of my health routine as we are winning by being TOTALLY NATURAL.

In November of 2001, this program allowed me to win First Place against 1801 pigeons (out of an entry of more than 3000 pigeons) in the Gulfcoast Classic Race where many if not all the best breeders in the USA send in entries to race for the large prizes.

Then this year (2002) in the young bird races again in the Gulfcoast Homing Club which is a part of the Greater Tampa Bay Combine (200 members with an average birdage of somewhere in the 2000 pigeon range) we won First Place Combine two consecutive weeks. AND..... this young bird series is not over yet. There are more races to be flown and yet to fly is this years Gulfcoast Classic where we will attempt to defend our crown from last years win.

I openly tell everyone that the only health products I am using are medicinal plant products and the ones I use are from Marathon BioNutrients. The owner of this company is none other than my good friend, Felix Khan and I will also tell anyone that he is a very rare commodity. He not only has the knowledge and experiences with the medicinal plants but he is also a pigeon person. He knows how these plant products and extracts work with the pigeons and also what is necessary to enhance the immune system of our pigeons so they are able to perform at their best ability. The sad facts are that some pigeons will never be good competitors as they are genetically deficient so they can never race at the top regardless of how good our health products are for them.

So understand that the Natural Medicinal Plant Products and Extracts are capable of having our pigeons in the condition to compete at their best,. If the pigeons can not compete at a respectable level when they are in the best possible health, then our decision to not use these pigeons in our racing or breeding program become much easier for us to make.

I made the firm commitment to only use natural plant products as my health program and I can assure you that this type of program can work equally as well for you. However, a word of caution as these products are quickly gaining validity so there will be new companies coming out with lesser or inferior grades of products.

REMEMBER, IF YOU WANT NICE CLEAN OATS, THEY COST A LITTLE MORE THAN THE ONES THAT HAVE ALREADY BEEN THROUGH THE HORSE. Make sure the products you select are reputable and have a history of proven performances or you will be throwing away your money.

I hope this helps someone and I am available to answer questions about these types of products.

Bob Rowland

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