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Conflict and Resoloution(?)...
Author: Bob RowlandTitle: Conflict and Resoloution(?)
Date: 2004-02-23 01:30:52Uploaded by: webmaster
As I begin this article, I would like to tell you THE SUBJECT OF INBREEDING OR OUTCROSSING is a highly volatile subject. There are those that refuse to hear of anything else than the method they follow. I have recently been confronted by one of my club members that insists on inbreeding and he felt I should write a retraction but to that I ask to what and why??

If you believe in something and go with it and even talk about it or write about it, does that make it wrong?? We all have the opportunity to follow what ever method we believe in and yet, WHY SHOOT THE MESSENGER THAT BRINGS A DIFFERENT VIEW? If you don't believe in the alternate view, then throw that article in the trash can and go on as usual. However, if your usual results are not giving top results, then perhaps the alternate view may have some validity.

When I was confronted by a fellow club member about the method I follow, the GHC Auction Race was not yet flown for 2003. I allowed 6 of my pigeons to go to other people as I felt I would not be held up having to buy all my own back. Of those 6 pigeons that others bought ours were their first pigeon in 3 different lofts. They were 3rd, 11th, and 40 something so 50% of what I allowed to be bought by others won a nice prize. All of us were happy and one of the individuals that is generally a grumpy guy has even become much friendlier as now we have a common pigeon to talk about.

So what this has to say is that there are many methods that all can follow or discuss and if you don't agree with what is being said, then continue as you always have. The pigeons are yours and if they give you pleasure, then by all means, continue to do what you have pleasure with and if you don't like what has been written, there is plenty of open space in most publications to print an opposing view.

After all, for any of us to learn, we must have open discussion and this followed by actual data that verifies what the results are. If we had a National Racing Pigeon Registry such as they do with dogs and horses, etc., then we could validate the results of what method produced what. THE ONLY PROBLEM WITH THIS IS THAT SOON ONLY ONE PIGEON WOULD BE THE GREATEST TO EVER BREED IN AMERICA. We could put a number to the effectiveness of that pigeon and which mate gave the absolute best results. At the present time, we continually see every magazine loaded with ALL of the best super producers. So which one is it???

The time is here and all super producers could be dna tested and the data logged so validity of their young can be verified. Then adding the certified pedigree will soon show how many pigeons which pigeon ever bred prior to getting good or bad results. When I had dogs, they were registered with the AKC almost immediately upon being born. The same with our horses and then we had a certified pedigree and registration for all to see exactly which did what.

I think the time is right for our National Organizations to make this available with all the results available to be tabulated. To be a certified seller, they could pay a fee for each certified pedigree and registartion! WHAT DO YOU THINK??

Coo time for a brew!...Where next?
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