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Author: Bob RowlandTitle: Inbreeding
Date: 2004-02-16 14:54:06Uploaded by: webmaster
Without looking at an entire pedigree going back at least 6 generations will tell you more about your pigeons than we care to divulge.

There are formulas out there where you can input the data and it will give you an exact percentage of inbreeding which is called "Inbreeding Coefficient". This data shows many things and when we say we have a highly inbred family that has done such and such, the inbreeding coefficient number will put a number to exactly how inbred a pigeon is supposed to be. This number takes into consideration all the pigeons in the background for as far as we have data and does not just look at one or two pigeons which we think are key.

Now, unless we have all individual breeding sections to guarantee the purity of the mating, there can always be other surprises. However, when we put a number to something, it only tells us what is theoretical as although a pigeon gives 50% of it's genes to it's offspring, which 50% did it give?? Remember that pigeon got 50% of it's genes from each of it's parents so we never really know which gene it gives to it's baby. If it was always the same one, then all it's children should look similar but they don't. The combinations the babies can receive from their 2 parents total into a number we can not even care to try to calculate.

There are many ways to develop a family and I used to practice the same inbreeding principles we hear about today but eventually one must go to the outside to bring something in or they reach a point of inbreeding depression or bottlenecking. The choice is ours as to what we follow and I chose to not inbred IF POSSIBLE!! The problem is if we keep bringing in the same pigeons from the same source, then soon we are backed into the corner and need some blood to freshen the mix.

The choice is yours and as I already admitted, I followed those inbreeding examples and styles and was not happy with the final results.

This is my opinion and it seems to be agreed upon by all the institutes of health or we would see people being allowed to marry their sisters or have children with their mother or father. This is against the law in my country so why aren't these types of marriages allowed.

Hope this helps,
Bob Rowland

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