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Visiting lofts and Selecting Breeders...
Author: Bob RowlandTitle: Visiting lofts and Selecting Breeders
Date: 2004-02-15 04:42:15Uploaded by: webmaster
In responce to a query about visiting Belgium/Holland and finding pigeons to bring back.

There are many places to visit in Belgium and Holland but if I were to go, I would try and find the lofts that were the Champions or that had the Champion Pigeon for 2003 of that entire country for the distances you want to compete at. The reason for this is that there are many sellers but not all of them have the best record. There are many little guys that nobody ever hears of because there is no financial gain for an agent so they don't get much ink and yet they sometimes have the best pigeons.

I would try to buy young ones only or at least pigeons that were not bred from at all. The reason for this is when people come to my loft and ask to buy my breeding pigeons, I refuse them. If I sell my best, then I am soon out of business. I need those great pigeons to carry forward so if I am willing to sell an older pigeon, it is really not my best. MY BEST NEED TO STAY HERE!!

When a pigeon gets older and has never done anything significant, if one would sell that pigeon, odds are the buyer would not have much luck either. So if your name is more important to you than the sale of a pigeon, then you can't sell what doesn't work.

Remember this, when you go to someone's home, they are only being congenial because they expect you to leave some money there. These people are not sitting and waiting for you to come and visit so they can have you go through their birds and not take something home. IT IS A BUSINESS and what pays the bills is some sales. However, why would you sell the factory?? If you do, what will produce for you next year??

In conclusion, if I wanted very good pigeons I would go to the best lofts with the proven records and championships. From them I would try to buy last years late hatches from their absolute best or perhaps a widowhood hen that is still very young.

If you go to lofts where their pigeons are very inbred, I would not consider them for pigeons as their champions will not be a really inbred pigeon. Search the records and pedigrees and see which champions are really inbred. Results prove or reject all the theories and when the dust settles and if you buy these very inbred pigeons, the odds of them being a very good one are lessened. Although all the inbreeders of the world will tell you this is how you lock the genes, the fail to tell you that they also locked the FAULTS.

Look for pigeons where every generation and every space on the pedigree is loaded with performance. Anytime you skip a generation, that pigeon must prove their ability as a producer but the young ones from this pigeon are 25% or less of the proven performance pigeons. Do the math and you will see that the young ones directly from the champions are more expensive than grandchildren. That is because they are closer to the one doing the job.

Hope this helps and may your trip be filled with good pigeons.
Bob Rowland

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