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E-Bands (Rings) and our Future...
Author: Bob RowlandTitle: E-Bands (Rings) and our Future
Date: 2004-05-23 18:31:10Uploaded by: webmaster
Raising the costs of our bands does not need to be done with ebands. If raising the price would help the situation, then it can be done without potential future problems.

When the AU raised the dues and the costs of bands, many jumped ship and went to other organizations feeling the AU was not justified in raising the costs. I feel those that left were wrong as if the National Organization requires more cash to fund something, then it is our responsibility to help the organization achieve the goal. However, the organization also has an accountability issue to justify where our funds are going and why the extra funds are needed.

Getting back to the ebands: There are problems with them as the organization I race with has used them for a long time and many of those initial chip rings had problems and if this was permanently imbedded in a permanent band, then that pigeon could no longer race once the chip failed.

If the chip could be replaced, then the security of the chip could be breached so the present solution is a good one having the chip as a separate item and not a permanent fixed ring. I also happen to race widowhood so I remove chips each year from the hens I no longer fly as old birds and also from the pigeons I am removing from the team. These chip rings I use again on the next batch of young birds keeping my costs lower.

When we speak about the big buck lofts and raising costs to all, the big guys would gladly pay the additional as they are looking to make a name and in many cases do this with large numbers of racers. Just look at many of the big races around the country and you will see the big buck guys have many entries hoping for one of those to win. This is commonly known as trying to buy the race so why would a $3 e-band cost stop them??

In conclusion, if we need to raise money then it is the responsibility of the organization attempting to raise these funds to show us good reason why and many will jump in and help support a PROPER CAUSE but if it is not managed properly, then many complaints will come about. WE ALL NEED TO BE RESPONSIBLE FOR OUR OWN FUTURE AND THE WELL BEING OF OUR NATIONAL ORGANIZATIONS.

PS: I only buy 100 bands each year so the cost is not a big factor to me but I do buy personal bands so they cost me close to $1 each when all the costs are included.

Bob Rowland

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