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Perch Theory...
Author: Bob RowlandTitle: Perch Theory
Date: 2003-04-01 20:52:46Uploaded by: webmaster
It is so easy to try and use a characteristic to determine good pigeons but the good ones will do it on race day. Forget about all these theories as if it is not proven to be 100% true, then it is just a persons theory and NOT A FACT! It may be what you like to see but that doesn't mean it guarantees you a great pigeon.

I have had very good pigeons that took a lower nest box and they were among my best pigeons ever. They also had a calm disposition and would never scalp a young one and would even feed all those that ended up on the floor. Were they the stupid ones or the ones with a greater intelligence?

If we could go into the loft and pick out a pigeon by the way it does any number of things, this sport would not be such a challenge. Great pigeons can come in all sizes, shapes, and characteristics. It is our responsibility to learn about each of these pigeons and watch for them, to show us their tells which are the little signs that let us know that they are ready to race well.

Every great pigeon does not have every race as a great one. If we abuse the pigeon by not paying attention and only send them when they are ready and capable of winning, then we may be burning the candle from both ends and never get the best out of a potentially great one.

We all have favorite traits we look to see in our pigeons but again, if it was so easy to just concentrate on these traits, shouldn't we be able to build a dynasty in just a few years or generations??

What I have found is that those people with the most theories are generally not the champion of their area. When you turn those theories into a sign for having a pigeon ready, then you can begin to tell the secret. Most champions are very closed mouth about what is their key and those they keep close to their heart. The champion is the one that is constantly searching for the next champion pigeon so they can continue with their winning ways. Even if the new champion pigeon is not their favorite color or what ever, they soon learn to like that pigeon very much and soon will try breeding around them for their future. Not all great racers become super breeders but if you want a potato, try looking in the potato patch and chances are you will find what you are looking for without too much effort.

In conclusion, know your pigeons and if you observe them carefully, they will tell you when they should be ready. You don't need to handle them or look in their eye or their mouth or at their flesh. If you have a good program and have not misused those pigeons, they will come into a form and you will see it without much effort.

Bob Rowland,
SpringHill, FLorida USA

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