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What are YOU thinking??...
Author: Bob RowlandTitle: What are YOU thinking??
Date: 2004-09-16 00:31:07Uploaded by: webmaster
What are "YOU" thinking?? This article is one I had to ask myself if it should be revealed! In my opinion, this is perhaps the biggest secret of racing pigeons successfully. I believe our thought process is a big part of any success we have.

This thought process will not deal with any method other than what we think! More importantly is the issue of whether we are doing the thinking about what we are doing or have we been psyched out by what others are doing and we react WITHOUT THINKING.

The most important thing we must do is to observe our pigeons and do what we think and what experience has shown us is necessary to have our birds at the top of their game. If we merely go through motions because someone else is doing something, then we are already beaten. One must always keep our head IN OUR GAME ONLY!!

Living in Spring Hill, Florida makes it virtually impossible to not see another competitor doing something with their pigeons. This is an hourly occurrence simply because we are so close to each other. If we get caught trying to make everything a contest without looking at our pigeons, and react based on what our neighbor is doing, then our competitors have gotten into our head and we will make many foolish mistakes.

One must NEVER act because they are trying to keep up with what someone else is doing. It gets very difficult to ignore things when you see a very successful person doing something that appears to be well in advance of where we are at. However, if that person jumped off the roof, would we be as quick to follow? What they are doing is what they believe is necessary to win and yet, our competitor may be concerned about what someone else is doing. If they make a mistake, and we try to stay in front of them, we may be making a bigger mistake that can have long term repercussions.

To be successful means that we must make the least amount of mistakes! I am not the creator of this statement but I am a messenger of the message and believe in it greatly. If we constantly make blunders and then try to patch the problem we create, we will never have the success that could be ours.

So how do we avoid making mistakes?? The answer is to keep our mind and our thoughts solely on what we observe with our own pigeons. If we are a real pigeon racing champion, then odds are we spend many hours observing our pigeons. That is what one should do as our knowledge and experience should show us what our birds need to be at their best. If we spend our time watching someone else and then act without knowing what our pigeons need, we are beaten.

Keeping our mind and our thoughts on our pigeons only should keep us from making foolish mistakes. However, this is not to say that there are not things to learn from others. Unless we are the champion of our competition, there are always things to learn. Even the greatest of champions do not have all the knowledge. What we know would fit into a water glass and yet the principles and rules of nature are as large as a lake. Understanding this principle tells us a drinking glass can only contain a small portion of the knowledge and rules. If we allow the glass to sit without refreshing the water, then it will probably turn green and not be healthy for us. The same is true of our knowledge. WE MUST CONSTANTLY BE LEARNING!! THE RULES OF NATURE HAVE NOT CHANGED BUT WE ARE LEARNING MORE OF WHAT THE RULES ARE WITH EACH NEW DAY.

One must always remember that a clock that is stopped is still perfectly correct at least once per day. (On military or European time, the clock is a 24 hour clock) How accurate that time is will depend on how we use our senses to determine if this moment seems or feels like the time the clock is showing. We must look for indicators of what we believe it to be. Odds are one will not be right but we must learn to develop our senses so our thoughts take us as close to the proper time and once we learn this, we are closer to success.

Any game we play depends on how we handle our self and specifically, how we fix our mistakes. If we make very few mistakes and even if we do make some, how quickly we correct the problem will determine how much we will win. To be successful, we must always be in charge of our own destiny. If others are determining what we do, then they are in charge of the game. One can not beat another if they are making the rules. If someone else is playing their game and also playing ours, then odds are they will not allow us to have better results. Only we should determine our destiny.

In conclusion, always be observant of what our pigeons need and follow the plans that have given us success in the past. Do all that we can to have our pigeons as perfect as possible and then if we do not have good success, then we need to look in the mirror for our problem. We are responsible for everything that takes place in our lofts. If our pigeons are not good enough, who is at fault? If they are not as healthy as they could be, who is at fault? If they are not in their best condition to race well, who is at fault? Everything we do in our loft is our responsibility and if we are not satisfied with our results, a change is necessary!


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