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Collecting Tips for the Ring Collector...
Author: Jan LombardTitle: Collecting Tips for the Ring Collector
Date: 2004-09-28 11:34:52Uploaded by: webmaster
I will list a few things that worked for me over the years.

Visit as many pigeon websites as possible. Start your search by visiting http://duiven.jouwpagina.nl/ or http://www.npausa.com/ (There are many others, but most are linked together. You will get to a large number if you start out from any of these websites.) From here you can surf (navigate) the Internet to many pigeon websites. Leave your contact details on as many as possible pigeon guest books, telling the world about our hobby. You can also leave our groupís address: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/pigeonringcollectors/ on such guest books. Look out for e-mail addresses of pigeon breeders on these websites. Be prepared to write many e-mails and letters. Use http://babelfish.altavista.com/babelfish/tr to help you to translate your letter / message into many foreign languages. People may feel intimidated if you do not approach them in their own language. You can even use this website to translate other websites.

Write articles to pigeon magazines / periodicals. Try to supply the editor with clear photographs suitable for publication.

Visit pigeon shows and meetings whenever possible. All the ring collectors that I know of, are pigeon breeders. Some show and others fly. Make sure your clubís members know that you collect rings. Display your collection at the major shows. Get the addresses of the clubs in your local area and visit them. When you go on holiday, visit the pigeon fanciers and clubs in that area. Collect local rings in large quantities. I never say no to rings, even if I have large numbers of the particular club/year/size. Such rings make good trading material in years to come, and is not available in the rest of the world.

I never buy nor sell rings. Money has killed many nice hobbies. If somebody is a beginner, I will give him a number of rings including some duplicates. I select these from the rings that I have large quantities of. The more collectors we are, the faster our collections will grow, and the more interesting it will become. Another benefit is the friendships we enter into across the world.

Jan Lombard

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