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Colours on NEHU rings...
Author: Jan LombardTitle: Colours on NEHU rings
Date: 2004-09-28 12:43:38Uploaded by: webmaster
I am not 100% positive on whether they used coloured plastic & white paper OR clear plastic and coloured paper inserts in some years. With a large enough supply one might break rings to find out, but that will be a waste, as some other collector may need the specific rings.

1964 blue anodized aluminum
1969 aluminum
1972 aluminum
1975 aluminum
1977 aluminum
1979 orange coloured plastic coating
1980 green coloured plastic coating
1981 red coloured plastic coating
1983 white
1984 Orange plastic coating
1985 Pink plastic coating
1986 Green plastic coating
1987 blue plastic coating
1988 Blue plastic coating
1989 white
1990 yellow paper insert
1991 pink plastic coating
1992 green
1993 purple
1994 blue paper insert
1995 white paper insert
1996 yellow paper insert
1997 pink plastic coating
1998 blue
1999 purple
2000 orange plastic coating
2001 white
2002 red

If you have any information (years or initials) to add to this list, please let the group know by sending an e-mail to pigeonringcollectors@yahoogroups.com as well as to jlombard@tsb.toyota.co.za. If you have any rings to add to my NEHU collection, it will be much appreciated. If you just collect the different years and have something in your collection that I need, let me know. I might be able to replace it with another NEHU rings from the same year, but from a different club.

Jan Lombard

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