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A Ban on Keeping Pigeons?...
Author: RWSTitle: A Ban on Keeping Pigeons?
Date: 2005-02-11 21:36:23Uploaded by: webmaster
Pigeons could have been banned from the City of La Crosse, Wisconsin if a council ordinance change had gone through unnoticed.

The original ban actually went through, 14 votes to 2, but a compromise was passed by leaders. The new compromise proposal has been put to the council for next session.

The ordinance would have the following terms:
- Pigeon lofts to be licensed for ‘homing, sporting or show’ pigeons.
- Licenses to be issued annually, for $30, non transferable.
- Written approval from >60% of neighbours living within 100 feet.
- A maximum of 100 birds to be kept.

Council would then consider applications, where a majority vote needed for a license to be issued. However if just two property owners object a ‘super majority’ (3/4 in favour) would be needed.

Local fanciers said, “You are making it impossible for anyone to become a pigeon fancier. This is too one-sided”. However residents’ views are that pigeons are messy and a potential health risk.

Over the last few years it has been commonplace to hear of cities/states in the US adding pigeons to the ‘prohibited species list’; La Crosse, Wisconsin is only the most recent.

Pb View:
We need to improve the image of pigeon keeping; whether it be race or show birds. The general public seem not to differentiate the feral pigeon from the performance bred pigeon.

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