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Armand Viera beats 2,032 birds to win the Central Jersey Combine...
Author: Linda JoneliTitle: Armand Viera beats 2,032 birds to win the Central Jersey Combine
Date: 2005-08-23 17:30:23Uploaded by: webmaster
August 14, saw the first Central Jersey Combine win in 22 years of flying for Armand Viera of Linden New Jersey flying with the Newark RPC. The Central Jersey Combine is by reputation one of the toughest in the United States.

The winning Blue Bar White Flight cock won the Combine by 3 yards per minute against 2032 birds from 187 lofts was bird by Steve and Linda (Hyacinth) Joneli of Red Rose Lofts Redmond Oregon USA.

The 100+ mile race was liberated from Frystown Pennsylvania at 7.45 am into Calm conditions with a light haze temperature 80 degrees F. Armand timed 938 in at 10.05 am recording a velocity of 1376.917 yards per minute, the second Club bird recorded 1364 ypm.

IF 05 WTCM 938 is Janssen/Hofken bred from a son of Double Hall of Fame Bird "Motown Missile" (Janssen from a Son of Continental Class and a daughter off the great Patriot Cock bred by Daryl J Honey Snr. of California paired with a Hofken Hen bred from imports from Andre Roodhoft, Belgium and purchased from Rack Mardis at Contintntal Breeding Station Oklahoma City, Pictures of all birds can be seen on www.redroselofts.com

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