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62 Dead in Polish Tragedy...
Author: RWSTitle: 62 Dead in Polish Tragedy
Date: 2006-01-30 23:35:25Uploaded by: webmaster
62 people, including 2 children, have been confirmed as being the victims of Saturday's (28th Jan 06) disaster where the roof of an exhibition centre collapsed in Chorzow, southern Poland.

The disaster happened at 17:15 (16:15 GMT) when approximately 500 people were in attendance for 'International Fair of Racing Pigeons'. Rescue workers with sniffer-dogs and lifting equipment worked through the night in temperatures of minus 17 degrees Celsius to locate survivors.

It was said, the region, hit by the coldest winter in 27 years, had recently received more than a foot of snow; this combined with the recent freezing temperatures, is believed to be the cause for the collapse.

Eyewitness's reported of cracks appearing in the floor shortly before the collapse, and also of the mayhem that followed the disaster because 'many of the emergency exits were locked' at the time of the incident.

Poland began three days of mourning following Saturday's disaster in the southern city - which the president called Saturday's catastrophe.

The Polish, "VII International Fairs of Racing Pigeons 'Pigeon 2006'", an equivalent to the UK's Blackpool show was meeting 27-29 January. An estimated 55,000 people from Belgium, Holland, Germany, Ukraine, Czech Republic, Hungary and Poland, were anticipated to be in attendance in the course of the weekends activities.

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