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Amtrak Price Increase...
Author: RWSTitle: Amtrak Price Increase
Date: 2006-11-07 11:44:41Uploaded by: Webmaster

With effect from 20th November 2006 the Amtrak Homing Express service will increase in price.

There will now be a two tiered system of pricing. A reduced rate for online bookings through the Amtrak website, compared to telephone bookings to the depot.

Amtrak said, 'Currently, many fanciers use our service by phoning or faxing their local Amtrak depot to organise for collection and delivery of their pigeons. This method of booking has become outdated and in-line with other carriers, Amtrak has introduced an online booking system. This vastly reduces the margin for error, which happens quite regularly with handwritten consignment notes and also allows fanciers to track their pigeons online.'

The new prices to come into effect are:

  • Online Booking - 25 inc. VAT for up to 4 birds.
  • Depot Booking - 30 inc. VAT for up to 4 birds.
The service is for before 12noon delivery, and prices include any forwarding or fuel surcharges.

They added, 'To make bookings online, the fanciers will need to have an Amtrak account although many regular senders already have their own account. All they need to do is visit the Amtrak website and click on 'Register Online Booking System' which is at the bottom left of the Home Page. We will also shortly be introducing a credit card facility so those who do not want to open an account but still want to book online, can pay by credit card.'

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