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Million Dollar Pigeon - Tonight BBC2 9pm...
Author: RWSTitle: Million Dollar Pigeon - Tonight BBC2 9pm
Date: 2007-04-30 11:36:15Uploaded by: Webmaster

BBC2 airs an interesting programme tonight about pigeon racing, and inparticular the rise of one loft racing. Footage includes Suncity in South Africa, the Europa One Loft Race, and the Show of the Year Blackpool 2006.

Quote from BBC listings;
"From Cardiff to Las Vegas and on to South Africa, documentary maker Morgan Matthews follows a cast of British players to the most lucrative pigeon race in the world, exploring the at times obsessive world of modern fancying where birds can sell for over £100,000 and grown men become possessed by the power of the pigeon.

In recent years, traditional pigeon racing has been in decline. The combination of an ageing population of fanciers and a lack of young blood coming into the sport left the future of pigeon racing looking bleak. The image of flat capped men in sheds covered in pigeon poo needed a make over.

In an effort to sex-up a dying pursuit, a new style of race known as one loft racing has emerged. These races allow top pigeon fanciers from around the world to compete in the same event for big cash prizes - and the biggest contest of them all is the Million Dollar Pigeon Race in South Africa.

Matthews follows three British hopefuls in their quest for the biggest prize in pigeon racing, but could the bird flu crisis be the final nail in the pigeon racing coffin? Some strong language.

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