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Fastest Bird of the Year 2005...
Author: Richard SandersonTitle: Fastest Bird of the Year 2005
Date: 2006-05-09 17:55:45Uploaded by: webmaster

Pigeonbasics.com Fastest Bird of the Year Trophy
Pigeonbasics.com Fastest Bird
of the Year Trophy
In 2005 more than 90 clubs and federations signed up for Mini-Site on Pigeonbasics.com. A mini-site enables each club to enter their news, results and much more, displayed live on their own web pages. In total a staggering 950 race results were submitted by all clubs on the Pigeonbasics.com in 2005, and it gives me great pleasure to announce that Malcolm Cunningham racing on the 17th of April, from Ridsdale, in Forthview RPC, had the fastest velocity of the year.

With a velocity of 2248.626 yards per minute Malcolm’s Dark Cheq two year old widowhood cock won the Forthview club, and the East of Scotland Federation’s first race (RPRA). That’s covering the 77 miles in little over an hour, nearly an astonishing 77 miles per hour!

Pigeonbasics.com Fastest Bird of the Year
Pigeonbasics.com Fastest Bird of the Year 2005

In his own words, this is how the race panned out that morning. The birds were up at 8am in a South East wind. I went out to the loft at 8:50am to get the hens ready for the cocks return, just as I did the phone rang. It was the clocksetter of the club to say that he had a pigeon home and then said he was just joking! Then I said I’m not joking here they come! I threw the phone down and ran in the house to get the clock, as nothing was ready. When I cam back out, the cock was already in his box; I clocked him and looked at the time, 9:00:45 am.

Great flying, considering Malcolm had another two in the first five in the club.

Pigeonbasics.com Fastest Bird of the Year - M. Cunningham
M. Cunningham
The winning bird, a dark chequer cock bred in 2003, is of the Wildemeersch strain. His nestmate was 1st Club, 1st West Section, 1st Fed from Huntingdon 280 miles, in a North West wind, doing a velocity of 1100, so this birds can be in the mix whatever the wind. The sire to this pair won 1st Club, 7th Fed Newark, 2 x 2nd Club Towlaw, 4th Club Ripon, and won the pools every week for Malcolm in 2003, until unfortunately he was lost from the Maidstone race that year. Whereas the dam won 2nd Club Ripon, 5th Club Wakefield, 9th Club Northampton, then unfortunately was injured, and kept since as a widowhood hen.

Malcolm’s setup is a back garden affair, with a four section, 30 foot loft. Built only two years ago it holds, 12 widowhood cocks, their hens, 12 pairs of natural birds, and 10ft for the darkness youngsters. The widowhood cocks are shown their hens each Friday before basketing, but the hens themselves are not raced. The birds are fed Bucktons corn, Super Widowhood for the widowers, Race mix for the naturals, and Super Junior for the youngsters; the birds also get Success Corn.

Pigeonbasics.com Fastest Bird of the Year - M. Cunningham
2005 Replica Trophy
Last year Malcolm had an astonishing young bird season, winning 7 out of 7 races, topping the federation twice. For the whole season that took him to, 51 club, 16 section and 26 federation diplomas.

I’m pleased to say that more clubs and federations have signed up for their own Mini-Site for 2006, so competition for the Pigeonbasics.com Fastest Pigeon 2006 will be even stronger, but 2248 ypm will no doubt take some beating!

It’s completely free for any club, federation, combine, to sign up for a Mini-Site, and there is never a closing date to do so. So if your club isn’t already on the internet, why not give it a go? Visit http://www.pigeonbasics.com/clubs/ for the full features included, and of course information on how to sign up.

Richard Sanderson
Webmaster - Pigeonbasics.com

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