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2006 Online Show...
Author: RWSTitle: 2006 Online Show
Date: 2006-11-25 04:30:39Uploaded by: Webmaster

As a result of the successful shows held last year, pigeonbasics will once again be holding a series of online pigeon shows in the coming weeks and months.

Online Show 2006 Classes
No. Name Entries Judging Results
1. YB Racers - Bred in 2006 27th Nov - 3rd Dec 4th Dec - 9th Dec 10th Dec
2. YB Non-Racers - Bred in 2006 4th Dec - 10th Dec 11th Dec - 16th Dec 17th Dec
3. OB Racers 11th Dec - 17th Dec 18th Dec - 23th Dec 24th Dec
4. OB Non-Racers 18th Dec - 24th Dec 25th Dec - 30th Dec 31st Dec
5. Any Age Pairs 25th Dec - 31st Dec 1st Jan - 6th Jan 7th Jan
6. Golden Oldies/Favourites 1st Jan - 7th Jan 8th Jan - 13th Jan 14th Jan
7. Grand Final - 14th Jan - 18th Jan 19th Jan

Updated information on classes, entries, and any changes will be found here.

Entries will be accepted via email only, to forum[at]pigeonbasics.com (changing the [at] to @), and please attach your photo, sex of the bird, the class name, and your message forum username. To enter you must be a member of our Message Forum, and only one entry per class is permitted.

If there are more than 10 cocks and 10 hens in a class; that class will be split into a cocks, and a hens section; with the single winner from both going forward to the Grand Final – in all other classes the first two will go into the grand final.

So its time to get your camera out; take those photos, and get your entries in...

Coo time for a brew!...Where next?
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